The Institute for Capital Management
The Institute for Capital Management (ICM) locates in Qianhai Shenzhen; it is an educational institute dedicates to cultivate innovating entrepreneur. Areas of concentration range from focusing on entrepreneurs and start-up companies, problem-based learning and integrating theory with practice. The current Chairman of the Board of ICM is Mr. Weihua Ma, the President of China Entrepreneur Club; the Honorary President of ICM is Dr. Robert A. Mundell, Noble Prize-winning economist, and the President of ICM is Prof. Songzuo Xiang, well-known economist. The Global Entrepreneur Seminar concentrates on innovation, start-up and venture capital and promotes our members to learn, experience and grow. Led by excellent professors in innovation and capital venture and China and U.S. cross-border experts, each seminar focuses on a specific area and invites outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs to join.

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