Our future is transforming through science and technology. From smartphones to smart everything… mobile is moving us to the threshold of a stunning revolution, and a remarkable new world in which all things will be connected. Flying cars, programmed maids, and futuristic communities is the future we are headed in.

But what does a brand new world of smart things, wearable technologies and connected lives really mean for us? Will intelligent robots dominate our future? What should we fear from robots? What are the other innovative applications of cloud computing and big data? In this new era, how will the technology change the way we live, the way we work, even the way we think? We welcome everyone to come explore revolutionary technology and take a deeper look into this “Future of Innovation” at SVIEF 2015.

Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) is an international conference designed to foster innovation and promote business partnerships connecting US, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. It is a leading venue in high-tech industry field gathering multi-tech and business professionals, while providing a platform for talent, technology and capital exchange. The past four SVIEF were held in Silicon Valley since 2011 with more than 5,000 attendees each year.

The 2015 SVIEF will be held on Sep 26th&27th, 2015 at Santa Clara Convention Center. It is designed to be intense and informative with theme on "Future of Innovation: Smart Everything". This is going to be an educational, captivating, and interactive event featuring 100+ high-profile speakers and 100+ tech exhibitors for the 10,000+ attendees to experience.

• Internet of Cars: Who will take the lead?
With more than 50 billion connected devices by 2020, the automotive industry has a monumental opportunity to place the vehicle at the center of the Internet of Things. This is the era of smart mobility — an Internet of Cars. It could make driving safer and more efficient, but the cost of deployment will be significant. With traditional automobile manufacturers, chip manufacturers, and other Internet giants dive into the pool, who will take the lead?

• Wearables: We still need a killer app
Over the past year, interest in wearable technology has skyrocketed. There are plenty of different wearable types: Smartwatches, health trackers, and even wearable displays such as Google Glass. However, we must admit that many smart wearables aren’t new and many are stuck with old ideas. What exactly is going to drive the wearables market to the heights that some analysts are predicting? How far away is the killer app that will essentially change how we live? Even more, what exactly is the killer app?

• Smart home: How Welcoming Will the Smart Home of the Future Be
Many of us haven't even mastered our smartphones yet and now the “smart home” is edging in on us. Unfortunately, with a few notable exceptions, the "smart" home may not be quite as clever as you think. Moreover, It draws security concerns since it could easily be hacked.

• Drones: Market trends US V.S China
Funding of drone startups more than doubled in 2014 while it seemed that the sky was the limit in terms of possible uses for the unmanned aircraft. But the particular rules proposed by the FAA( Federal Aviation Authority) that could limit the commercial use and growth potential for drone startups. Apart from the government policies, what are other factors that could put a crimp in the development of drones industry? And what features and trends that we can expect in the US and China drones market?

• Internet of Things: The next generation of internet?
Connected devices are already making a significant impact on our lives, whether you know it or not. If you own a smartphone, you’re already contributing to the Internet of Things world. However, there is still a chance that you are unsure how it will impact you personally.

• Virtual Reality: Will 2015 be a big year of VR?
Imagine this, Put on these goggles, go nowhere, and be transported anywhere. Virtual Reality has made all these possible. However, Oculus Rift, the headset that spawned the tech world's current infatuation with virtual reality, was first announced in 2012 and has yet to launch a final product or even establish a release date. In 2014, Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion, a move that did nothing to dampen industry anticipation. Other major companies have jumped aboard the virtual reality train since 2012, including Samsung, Valve, Google, Microsoft and Sony. 2015, can we expect it a big year of VR? Or at least a release date?

• 3D Printing: Transforming into the printed world
Engineers and designers have been using 3D printers for more than a decade, but mostly to make prototypes quickly and cheaply before they embark on the expensive business of tooling up a factory to produce the real thing. As 3D printers have become more capable and able to work with a broader range of materials, including plastics and metals, the machines are increasingly being used to make final products too. It allows more people to start making things that they may have never imagined. However, there's dark sides of 3d printing too, including Unhealthy air emissions, Reliance on plastics and National security risks, etc.

• Cloud computing: The barriers of its development
Cloud computing has made huge strides in the past year toward becoming a mainstream business tool. However, lots of half-truths and mistruths are still swirling around with regard to the cloud’s place in the enterprise. Besides, cloud security issues and the risks of cloud computing are not well understood today and are one of the biggest barriers to adoption of these services.

• Bid Data: Equip the business for the data-driven future
The only thing we are sure about the data is that it continues to grow. Mining data was a complex, time-consuming task But now, the technology is becoming easier for business leaders to use and decipher. With data analysis, we can adequately measure performance, maximize efficiency and make informed decisions that drive growth. However, it matters how we go from the data analysis to actually making changes.

• Mobile Game/Mobile internet: Explore the new trends in 2015
As we know, Games drive the most revenue on both App Store and Google Play. It will continue to grow as the best money generating mobile apps. More and more companies are stepping into the industry, which brings the question: indie game developers and publishers need to find better marketing approaches to get their apps discovered. There may even be alternative mobile app stores. Besides, we need to pay attention to the emerging markets like China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries.

• Mobile App: All about making money
The mobile app development market is vast and offers great scope for app developers and companies to succeed beyond their expectation, by making very little initial investment. However, it takes steps from investing from actually making profits. Is there s Secret Formula of Mobile App Success? What are the ways to use to make the maximum money from mobile app development?

• Artificial intelligence: Robots with us
Robotics has entered the era of intelligent. Many developed countries have put the intelligent robotics as the priorities of economic and technology development. In addition to Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo!, Amazon and other large companies have also invested heavily, to seize the strategic high ground of intelligent robots in order to further enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development of their enterprises. What are the development trends of robotics in 2015? Will we expect to see more and more robots move next to us on the assembly line and go off road and up hills?

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