Miao Fu Co-Founder/CEO, Galaxy Internet

Miao Fu is the Co-Founder and CEO of Galaxy Internet. Mr. Fu Miao led the Galaxy Internet through the world's first institutional joint venture model for entrepreneurs to provide one-stop, full-cycle business services, and successfully invested and incubated many outstanding Internet companies, such as Chinese All Digital Publishing Group Co., Ltd. (SZ: 300364), EGLS Co. Ltd (SZ: 002619), JMU (NASDAQ: JMU), Xiaoneng Technology Co., Ltd., Yunzongnet, Tech Valley, SocialCredits, Microduino, quandashi.com, Kuaizu365, YunQuNa,and HQRMS. Galaxy Internet has won the "2016 China’s Top30 Early Stage Venture Capital Institutions" and "2016 China 's Top10 Investment Institutionsin in Direct Investment”