CES2018: US-China Cross-Border Innovation Award Night

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Cocktail party after the award ceremony, drinks & finger food provided
The moment when 30 companies were awarded with Top 30 Innovation Award on this year’s SVIEF Tech Night – the Silicon Valley featured Oscar Awards Gala - remains a flashbulb memory for thousands of audiences, investors and tech experts. SVIEF is here to present another breathtaking Innovation Award Night 2018 in Las Vegas, during the world's largest annual consumer technology show CES. Drinks and Finger food will be provided at the cocktail party.

CES2018: US-China Cross-Border Innovation Award Night

Address:Las Vegas, U.S. (Venue will be informed  by email after sign-up)

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About the CES2018 US-China Cross-Border Innovation Award Night

THE CES2018 US-China Cross-Border Innovation Award Night is organized by SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum). Since 2011, SVIEF has been the largest conference that fosters innovation and business partnership between China and the U.S. in Silicon Valley. The SVIEF 2017 has attracted nearly 10,000 attendees and over 150 exhibitors.

The award night features inspiring speeches, 10 innovation companies award ceremony, and a unique opportunity to build meaningful network with start-ups, investors, and professionals from a variety of industries. Top innovation companies and people are here to share their insights on the hottest tech issues and to shed light on most intriguing issues. We bring the future out of the meeting of minds, and connect technologies to the market to create business opportunities.

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We value the diversity of audience backgrounds and sincerely invites audience from various fields including students, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, software engineers, reporters, managers, etc. to join our innovation salon and to network with other prominent people on the cocktail party.
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2017 Review
2017 US-China Cross-Border Innovation Award Night was held in Caesars Palace during the 50th CES in Las Vegas. John Kelley, Senior Director, International Programs & Show Director of CES Asia gave us the opening remarks to encourage SVIEF’s efforts to build the bridge between US and China. Experts from a variety of industries including Jun Wu, Founding Partner of Amino Capital, Hong Zheng, CEO of BlueFocus, Chenggong Fan, CTO of Cheetah and Jalen He, Cloud Architect at Alibaba Cloud were there to share their ideas and present awards to our winners. It was also a tremendous stage for our innovation award winning companies to show their trending products in industries of AI, Smart Home, Robot, Intelligent Car, glasses free 3D, image recognition, etc.
John Kelley, Senior Director, International Programs & Show Director of CES Asia
Jun Wu, Founding Partner of Amino Capital
Company roadshow
Innovation Award winners
Last Year's Award Winner Exhibition during 2017 CES 
Last Year's Award Winner Exhibition during 2017 CES 
About 2018CES

To power the technology of the future and create amazing new experiences, we need to unlock the power of data. Its collection, storage and analysis continue to change and grow, having more of an impact on our everyday lives than ever before.

With advances in artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity, autonomous driving and virtual reality, Intel is taking the next steps at CES 2018 to reimagine how data will create amazing new experiences that will transform our daily lives.

Last September, the 7th SVIEF was held in the Santa Clara Convention Center. The conference included 7 high-tech summits, 150 innovative projects/products on display and 15 “SVIEF Star” top innovation projects. More than 150 distinguished speakers from industry, academia and government, as well as 8000 attendees witnessed the most cutting-edge technologies from the Silicon Valley under the theme “Explore the Future.” The SVIEF Expo was also packed with technology enthusiasts and professionals with 150 booths featuring a variety of innovative projects and products attracted visits from many potential investors and collaborators. The 7th SVIEF has provided a great platform for discussion, networking and deal making.

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