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  99People, Inc

99People, Inc is a leading web media and information resource company for Chinese overseas.

It owns and operates 99people.com, which is the largest information portal in North Americas, for sharing local information and exchange information between China and the U.S. 99people.com builds a website for recruiting top talents and distributing  technology information in high-tech industry. It focuses on releasing high-tech news, high-tech projects in North America, job opportunities in US and China, and news in Chinese high-tech parks and industrial zones, etc.

  99People.com also provies a full searching service for living information  for all Chinese Internet users in Americas, and builds a platform for information exchange between sellers and buyers, and interactive responses. It creates a Win-Win environment for sellers and buyers, called “Meeting on the internet, Consumption on the internet, and Communication on the internet”.

  The China-US Channel under the 99People. Inc helps promote oversea branding of Chinese government, hi-tech development zones, software parks, and hi-tech enterprises by buildingan influential media platform at overseas internet. It creates a fast-response information release platform via an innovative and interactive web media  between China and U.S.. China-U.S. channel is an internet platform publishing high-tech talents and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and US. It is a the largest 3-D, interactive web information platform overseas  among high-tech entrepreneurs, investors, Chinese government, hi-tech development zones and high-tech companies. . The China-US channel offers unique oversea advertising services for  Chinese government, high-tech development zones, and high-tech companies by innovatively combining online and offline channel.

  99People,Inc owns different types of top talents, including experts in the fields of high technology, internet, marketing, law and finance, who are familiar with American culture and with advanced degrees. The business of 99People, Inc focuses on the bay area and covers Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and other cities with high Chinese population in the U.S. The headquarter of the corporation is located in Mountain View.

  China IT Services

China Torch IT Services Innovation Alliance was established on May 19, 2009 in Beijing, as a non-profit organization joint initiated by the China “Torch᾿Program key enterprises, China Offshore Software Engineering Project (COSEP) business, a group of IT services companies and domestic and international customers, and government. CTTSIA aims to build a business-oriented IT services system to help Alliance members exchange and integrate IT business innovation and technology, and enhance IT service enterprises' innovations capability and competitiveness. Alliance members include Aayoo Tech, Worksoft, HiSoft Technology, Nanjing Fujitsu Nanda Software Technology (FNST)and Beihang University Technology Park.

  CCTV Entrepreneurial Investors

The purpose of "Entrepreneuria Investors" channel is to discover value, promote value and amplify value. It targets Tier 1 market (VC/PE), match the TV road show program of Tier 2 market (IPO). The guests are top investors, enterprisers, experts and senior media professionals and economic observers. The hi-end conversations thoroughly analyze real and outstanding cases vie onsite face to face interview, in order to screen, foster and deliver the "hidden champion" and "future leader" with the greatest value for the first-class venture capitalists and mature capital market. The first program facilitated $50,000,000 contract signed. It has been called “Take me out”, the most famous TV dating program in China, in the entrepreneurship and investment field. Nearly 1B RMB contracts have been signed through the platform within half year after the program started. Meanwhile, the studio is called “the most valuable TV vertion EMBA class”. The program together with major investment institutions set up an exclusive investment fund to invest the candidate projects, to offer comprehensive post-investment service in all directions, to maximize the win-win situation forboth the entrepreneur and investor. Goal:Assist IPO, speed up success. Target: each program is a brilliant MBA class.

(Congresswoman, US)
(Congressman, US)
(Chairman of China World Peace Foundation, Senior consultant of United Nations Office for Partnerships, Professor of University of Alberta, Canada.)
(Chairman and CEO of American Capital Markets Group)
(Director Strategic Business Development , SAP Labs LLC)
(Co-Founder and Managing Director, WestSummit Capital)
(San Jose City Councilmember)
(Co-founder and Managing General Partner, Dragonvest)
(Co-Founder and General Partner, DCM)
(Venture Partner, WI Harper Group)
(Managing Partner at Archimedes Labs)
(professor in the School of Government Peking University\Department Chair of Public Economics)
(Principal, China Renaissance)
(Director of China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation)
(Founder, Multi-dimensional Venture Partners)
(Venture Partner, IDG)
(Executive Deputy Director of The China Center for Actuarial Science Research, Peking University )
(CEO of Xiaomi )
(Managing Director, The Hina Group)
(Deputy Director, Technology Bureau of Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone)
(VP, Angel Investment Legend Star Capital Co. Ltd. )
(Head of Innovation Park, Lenovo)
(California Assemblymember of the 22nd Assembly District)
(V. Chair of Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA)
(Managing Director 2020.vc)
(Founder and ManagingDirector, Webplus Venture Fund)
Rob Trice
anaging Partner, Jackson Partners 、Venture Partner, Swisscom Ventures
(Managing Partner&CEO, Sino-Century Investment Management Co., Ltd.,)
(Senior Managing Director, Asia at OrbiMed)
(Deputy Director General of Suzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau )
(Managing Director, Walden International)
(CEO, Huahong International)
(Managing Director,Sierra Ventures )

(General Manager, Suzhou QuiteYuan Financial Co.)
(Founding Partner & Managing Director, WestSummit Capital)
(Investment Director, SB China Venture Capital )
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>>2012 Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum was successfully held on Otc.20th in San Jose Convention Center.(from 99people.com)
>>China (Nanjing) Software Valley will attend and sponsor 2012 SVIEF(10/18/2012)
>>Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun will Present Keynote Speech in SVIEF VC Forum(10/17/2012)
>>Tony Huang, Venture Partner, WI Harper Group,agrees to become the judge of 2012 SVIEF "Win in Suzhou" Startup Contest (10/12/2012)
>>Kambiz Hooshmand, Co-Founder and General Partner at Archimedes Ventures, agrees to be keynote speaker at US-China night (10/12/2012)
>>Greg Tarr Partner, CrossPacific Capital, agrees to become the judge of 2012 SVIEF "Win in Suzhou" Startup Contest (10/10/2012)
>>Wei Liu, VP, Angel Investment Legend Star Capital Co. Ltd. , agrees to become the judge of 2012 SVIEF "Win in Suzhou" Startup Contest(10/04/2012)
>>MICHAEL F. BIANCO, Chairman and CEO of American Capital Markets Group, agrees to become the speaker of 2012 SVIEF (10/02/2012)
>>Dixon Doll Co-Founder and General Partner, DCM, agrees to become the advisor of 2012 SVIEF (09/26/2012)
>>Sept 21th, Mr. Wang Xiaochu, Vice Minister of Ministry Of Human Resources and Social Security of PRC, met 2012 SVIEF CEO Ms. Iris Lei. Ms. Lei has been invited as an advisor of the Ningbo International High-level Talents Forum, and presented a lecture about the Status of American Entrepreneurs. (09/24/2012)
>>PG&E signed as a sponsor of 2012 SVIEF (09/24/2012)
>>Kansen Chu, San Jose City Councilmember, agrees to become the advisor of 2012 SVIEF (09/21/2012)
>>Kecheng Li, Executive Deputy Director of The China Center for Actuarial Science Research, Peking University, agrees to become the advisor of 2012 SVIEF (09/13/2012)
>> Judy Chu , Congresswoman, US, confirmed to be the Chairwoman of 2012 SVIEF (08/28/2012)
>>Mike Honda , Congressman, US, confirmed to be the Chairman of of 2012 SVIEF (08/28/2012)
>>Ben Yu, Managing Director, agrees to become the judge of 2012 SVIEF "Win in Suzhou" Startup Contest (08/08/2012)
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