2013 Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum Agenda

Theme: Explolre the Future of Innovation

Nov. 2nd, 2013        Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

This is a provisional version. Actual agenda may be changed according to on-site condition. (Download Agenda)

Morning Session

08:00am – 09:00am 


Main Stage (Exhibit Hall C)

MC: Catherine Heenan, KRON-TV

09:00am – 09:30am

SVIEF Past Review (Video)
Opening Remark

  • Judy Chu, Congresswoman; Chairwoman, SVIEF
  • Gang Bi, Deputy Concul General, Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco
  • Jackie Speier, Congresswomen
  • Kish Rajan, Director, California Governor’s Office
  • Iris Lei, Executive President, SVIEF Committee

09:30am – 10:20am

Opening Keynote Speech

  • Al Gore, 45th Vice President of the United States

10:20am – 10:30am

Keynote Speech Q&A: Interview with Al Gore


  • Andrew Chiu, CEO, Verliant Energy


  • Al Gore, 45th Vice President of the United States
10:40am – 11:00am 

Keynote Speech

  • Jay Vijayan, CIO, Tesla

11:00am – 12:00pm

IT Leadership Dialogue


  • Catherine Heenan, KRON-TV


  • Steve Wozniak, Co-founder, Apple, Inc.; Chief Scientist, Fusion-io
  • Ron Shelton, Managing Partner, PWC

EXPO Hall (Exhibit Hall D)

09:00am – 05:00pm


  • Professional Job Fair
  • Innovation Projects Roadshow
  • High-tech Company Products Display


Afternoon Session

Main Stage (Exhibit Hall C)

MC: Christie Wang, Member of SVIEF Committee

01:00pm - 01:05pm

Afternoon Opening Remark

  • Mike Honda, Congressman; Chairman, SVIEF

01:05pm – 01:30pm

Afternoon Opening Keynote Speech 

  • Vaughan Smith, VP, Facebook

01:30pm – 03:30pm

SVIEF Start-up Contest Top 10 Project Demo
Onsite Judge:

  • Andrew Collins, CEO, Mailman Group
  • Yong Liu, Director, Baidu, Inc.
  • Vincent Ma, President, Mashington Investment Group China
  • Hong Shi, Chairman/Managing Partner, Redstone Venture Capital
  • Victor Tong, Chief Evangelizing Officer, Webplus
  • Rob Trice, Venture Partner, Swisscom Ventures
  • Ron Wessels, Head, SAP Startup Focus Program

03:40pm – 04:40pm

US-China VC Investment Forum: Internet-based Financial Investment Opportunities

  • James Cai, Founder, Schein & Cai LLP


  • Jay Eum, Co-founder/Managing Director, TransLink Capital
  • Keith Teare, Co-founder, TechCrunch
  • Canice Wu, CEO, PlugandPlay
  • Tiemin Zhao, Partner, IPV Capital

04:40pm – 05:40pm 

Panel Discussion: Cloud Computing and Big Data - Innovation on the Cloud

  • Charles Fan, Senior VP, VMware


  • Praveen Gupta, VP, SK Telecom Americas
  • Kelly Masood, CEO/Founder, Intilop Inc.
  • Anurag Maunder, Head, EMC Storage Automation and Infrastructure Group
  • Chenxi Wang, VP, McAfee
  • Parviz Yegani, VP, Juniper Networks

05:40pm – 05:50pm

SVIEF Start-up Contest Award Ceremony 

05:50pm – 06:20pm

Closing Keynote Speech

  • Randi Zuckerberg, Founder/CEO, Zuckerberg Media; Former Marketing Director, Facebook



Great America Ballroom (First Floor)

02:00pm – 03:00pm 

Roundtable Meeting:
Medical IT: Surfing the Health Information Technology Revolution


  • Michael Bianco, Chairman and CEO, American Capital Markets Group


  • Sean Chai, Director, Kaiser Permanente
  • Roger S. Eng, President, Golden Gate Radiology Medical Group 
  • Thomas Huang, Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer, ClinicTree
  • Eddy Lee, Principal, Fenox Venture Capital
  • Juwei Mu, Associate Director, Office of Medical Servive, Cancer Hospital, CAM
  • Joseph Pergolizzi, Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins Medical School
  • Lin Wan, Co-founder/ Chief Technology Officer, Stella Technology

03:00pm – 05:00pm 

Smart City Forum:
Universal Village: Extended Version of Smart City -- What, Why, and How

A. Keynote Speech Session (03:00pm – 03:45pm)

  • Ash Damle, CEO/Founder, Medgle 
  • Yajun Fang, Program Chair, MIT Intelligent Transportation Research Center
  • Jianqing Zhang, Research Scientist, Intel Labs

B. Panel Discussion: New Energy and Environmental Sustainability (3:45pm -- 4:45pm)

  • Larry Asera, Chairman, Asera Group, Inc


  • Andrew Chiu, CEO, Verliant Energy Inc.
  • Jay Clare, VP, URS Corporation
  • Alan Huang, Co-founder, InPower BioEnergy Technologies Inc. 
  • Frank Teng, VP of Energy & Sustainability Services, Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Patrick Wooliever, Director, Tetra Tech

C. Open Discussion (4:45pm – 5:00pm)

Great America Meeting Room A (Second Floor)

01:30pm – 03:30pm One-on-One Business Matchmaking (Additional Pre-register Only)

04:30pm – 05:30pm 

Roundtable Meeting: Expand Company Market in US (Invite-Only)

  • James Cai, Founder, Schein & Cai LLP
  • Andy Fan, Vice Chairman, United Nations World Peace Foundation

Great America Meeting Room B

01:30pm – 02:30pm

Partner Seminar: Tax and Investment Tips in US (Additional Pre-register Only)

  • Cung Thai, President, American Brokerage Network 

04:30pm – 05:30pm 

One-on-One VC Meeting


EXPO Hall (Exhibit Hall D)

09:00am – 05:00pm


  • Professional Job Fair
  • Innovation Projects Roadshow
  • High-tech Company Products Display


Evening Banquet

Great America Ballroom (First Floor)

06:00pm – 07:00pm


07:00pm – 07:45pm

US-China Night Banquet

07:45pm – 08:10pm

Business Challenge and Opportunities between US and China

  • Nicholas Hope, Director, Stanford Center for International Development

08:10pm – 09:10pm

Women in Innovation Forum

  • Chuck Ashman, CEO, SMA Global


  • Christina Brodbeck, Managing Partner, Rivet Ventures
  • Helene Kim, Executive Director, Berkeley Law's International Executive Legal Education (IELE) program
  • Brittany Richards, Venture Director, Citi Ventures

09:10pm – 09:20pm

SVIEF Innovation Award Ceremony

09:20pm – 10:00pm

Networking and Entertainment Show


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