Andrew Collins CEO, Mailman Group

In 2007, Andrew Collins acquired Mailman Group, growing it to a leading social media and technology company in China that has helped over 200 international brands and sporting organizations, including American Airlines, Citibank, Liverpool FC & Manchester United, develop greater digital and social media strategies in China.

Some recent highlights of Mailman Group have included the creation of international celebrity social network, a partnership with China Branding Group in 2012 that connects global stars with their Chinese fanbase, and the creation of KAWO this year, a startup that transforms the way brands and individuals promote social media by translating, localizing, and syncing their existing western social media account across China’s biggest social networks.

Andrew has maintained a commitment towards innovation through investing in new media platforms and encouraging entrepreneurism in the community by producing and hosting what is now a leading entrepreneurship conference in Shanghai, “Transition China.” The conference, proudly supported by the Global Entrepreneurs Organization, features Shanghai’s leading international business leaders tell their story and inspire the next generation of go getters.

Additionally, Andrew supports entrepreneurship through his involvement as a board member for the Global EO Organization, Shanghai Chapter, and regular contributor to online business publications including Fast Company and Business Insider. He has received a large number of awards including Australia’s ‘Leading Entrepreneurs Under 30’ (2009) and the ‘Telstra’ Australian sponsored New Media Award (2010). He also regularly attends international conferences and seminars as a public speaker in the field of Chinese social media, sports marketing, digital innovation and entrepreneurship.