Cha Li Founder and Managing Partner, iStart Ventures LLC and Dragonvest Partners LLC.

Mr. Cha Li is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, currently the Founder and Managing Partner of iStart Ventures LLC and Dragonvest Partners LLC.

Prior to founding iStart and Dragonvest, Mr. Cha Li was the CEO of MotionPoster PLC (Asia). He was also the founder and managing director of Idea Factory, one of the first technology start-up incubators in China. Mr. Cha Li had founded and managed a number of successful start-up companies such as EastWest Creative Communications Inc, InterPro LLC. He also worked at Saatchi & Sattchi, ZiffDavis etc. Mr. Cha Li has deep knowledge and extensive hand-on skills in international entrepreneurship and venture investing. His career spans from China, US and Europe in media, technology and investment.

Mr. Cha Li graduated with a master degree from the University of London. He is an Horary Professor at Jiaotong University Shanghai as well as an Executive Advisor to Shanghai University Campus Technology Venture Foundation.

Since the end of 2008, Mr. Cha Li has maintained one of the most popular Chinese business blogs on entrepreneurship with a readership in millions. He is one of the most popular authors of Entrepreneurship and Start-ups.