Hong Shi Chairman/Managing Partner, Redstone Venture Capital

Mr. Shi is a famous resource integrated investor in TMT (Technology / Media / Communications) field. He has more than 20 years experience of technology innovation, corporate executives, angel investment and successful entrepreneurs. Specializing in technology / product / business model, with an international vision, a network of high-end professionals in capital markets / Government Relations / TMT industry in both US and China, and years of experience serving well-known enterprises and successful startups, Hongshi team plays an important role serving their clients for providing critical enterprise resources and direct assistance.

Mr. Shi was a partner at King Lam Fund. It's a PE / VC fund. As a member of the Management and Investment Decisions committee / TMT industry leader, Mr.Shi was directly involved in the fund management system and decision-making processes of a one billion RMB / one hundred million U.S. dollars fund; His past titles include: Jingtu Investment Firm Managing Partner (TMT early stage VC, companies invested are well-known in the industry); Holley Communications Group CEO (after acquisition of the Philips CDMA, he leaded the China's earliest CDMA / TD mobile phones and chips team. He also won the Outstanding Asian American entrepreneur Award); Bell Labs / Lucent researcher (world standard communication systems development, participation in international standard setting); Columbia University researcher (recommended by Zhou Guangzhao, the dean of Chinese Academy of Sciences and invited by Columbia Professor Li Zhengdao) , etc.

Mr. Shi was the Former President of the Council of China's TD Industry Alliance, president of Chinese-American Science and Technology Association, executive vice president of China Angel Capital Association, Visiting Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Visiting Professor of Communication University of China, investment adviser of Gerson Lehrman, senior overseas technical experts of United Nations, overseas consulting experts of technology Ministry, the U.S. Commerce Advisory Board honorary Chairman of New Jersey, won the National leadership Award issued by the Chairman (MPs), and won the United States "the China Press" Outstanding Contribution Award. Mr.Shi has a Master and PhD of Communications Chips in Columbia University, a Master of Distributed Computer in Chinese Academy of Sciences , a Bachelor of Computer Applications Beijing Jiaotong University, and an MBA from Northeastern University.