Jun Li Chairman, Beijing Software Export Center

Mr. Li graduated from Tsinghua University. He's a senior engineer and industry leader of China university technology parks and technology incubators. He is currently the general manager of Beihang Science and Technology Park. His other titles include general manager and chief engineer of Beihang Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute, chairman of Beijing software export center, president of Chinese Overseas Students Pioneer Park Alliance, deputy secretary-general of Chinese Universities Industry Association, deputy secretary-general of China Torch IT Services Innovation Alliance, board member of China Zhi Gong Party Central Students Studying Special Committee, secretary-general of Zhongguancun Science Park League, vice president of Beijing Venture Incubation Association, executive director of Beijing Technology Consulting Industry Association, and CPPCC member of Haidian District, Beijing, etc.

Li Jun has a wealth of practical experience and outstanding contributions in the promotion and commercialization of university research, management of science and technology business incubator, helping students with entrepreneurship and employment, and supporting overseas students to return to China for entrepreneurship development. He has twice earned the "Torch Plan Advanced individual "honorary title. He also has keen insight, deep and rich understanding of the theory, and practical experience in planning and construction of science and technology industrial park and industrial park public service system, and management of sustainable development of resources and maintenance operations. He has made many achievements in the integration of social resources and construction of national University Science Park characterized with software and information technology industry. He effectively promoted the "production, learning and research" combination and the development of high-tech industry, especially the software and information services industry.