Larry Asera Chairman, CEO and Founder, Asera Group, Inc

Mr. Larry Asera is the Chairman, CEO, and Founder of the Asera Group, Inc., a US based global environmental and energy technology company. A former Balik Scientist and TOKTEN Fellow to the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines, Mr. Asera received the 2006 Philippine Presidential Award "Pamana ng Pilipino" for his lifetime achievements in academia, business, and public service. He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley in Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Sloan School of Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A former Professor of Physics, Engineering and Technology at the California State University in the USA, Mr. Asera is a pioneer in the solar photovoltaic cell industry and an internationally recognized expert in the development of utilityscale renewable energy power facilities. The company's innovative solar "ecovillages" and "wind farms" have garnered awards from the US Department of Energy, United Nations Development Programme, and the US Agency for International Development.