Alan Huang, Co-founder, InPower BioEnergy Technologies Inc

So far, Mr. Huang is the co-founder of InPower BioEnergy Technologies Inc. & has already received "Closed Algae Cultivation System" patents from many countries.
Mr. Alan Huang is the inventor of the New Breed Photosynthetic Bioreactor with optimal nourishing-parameters for growing the fastest CO2 devouring algae in the Concealed environment.

In the last 15 years, Alan has worked as CEOs & executive level staffs for many U.S., Japan, Thailand, Taiwan & German hi-tech JV companies.

Mr. Huang is also involved in many Green/Ecology projects in mainland China in the recent years. Since 2009, Alan has been the Chief Flora Carbon Footprint & Bio-Monitoring Consultant of the Renown Tainan Orchids BioPark on theFormosa island.
During that time, he has developed the equipment and process to grow algae in a SIMPLE, RAPID, CLEAN, and LOW-COST manner.