Jay Vijayan CIO, Tesla Motors

Jay Vijayan is the Chief Information Officer for Tesla Motors. Jay and his organization are responsible for business applications, infrastructure, network, security and systems operations for all of Tesla including the support of engineering, manufacturing, corporate business groups and the global sales, marketing and service business groups. Jay and his team laid the foundational architecture and built all the core corporate applications and systems infrastructure for Tesla ground-up during the company’s very critical growth and extremely high ramp-up phase. In this process Jay and his team had built a home grown e-Commerce, ERP, Service and Logistics systems that is simple, agile, flexible, interfacing seamlessly with other packaged/cloud applications and custom fit for Tesla’s needs. Jay champions IT as an enabler for Tesla and works with all the company’s groups to develop and deliver systems and solutions.

Jay brings more than 17 years of IT, Applications Development and Management experience. Before joining Tesla Jay was the Sr. Director, IT Business Applications for VMware. Jay was leading the Applications Development of all business applications for VMware during the extreme accelerated growth of the company from being 700 Million to close to 4 Billion annual revenue during the period 2007-2012.

Jay has a Master of Science degree from University of Madras, Chennai, India. Jay also has several industry recognized technology certifications and patent for tech inventions.