US-China VC Investment Forum-- Internet-based financial investment opportunities

Schedule: 3:40 pm-4:40 pm, November 2, Saturday, 2013
Venue: 2013 SVIEF Main Stage (Exhibit hall C), Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley, U.S.

Internet-based finance is the traditional financial sector combined with the spirit of the Internet in emerging fields. Internet "openness, equality, cooperation, sharing," the spirit of the traditional financial format to penetrate the fundamentally affecting the financial model, broadly speaking, with the spirit of the Internet for financial format referred to as Internet finance

Finance Internet in China shows great market space. Following the third-party electronic payment, the network loans are also explode. Looking to the future, the Internet will change China's financial landscape? How deep traditional financial institutions to embrace the Internet revolution? what are the investment opportunities under China Finance Internet revolution between China and US?

Key Topics:
• Cross-industry integration among finance, entity, and Internet
• Internet-based financialization and finance-based internet
• The road of Internet Banking under the big data
• Shanghai free-trade zone and innovative financial service
• Internet-based financial investment opportunities between china and US?

• Top angel investors, venture capitalists, limited partners from US and China
• Directors of investment department and investment bankers from US and China
• Researchers in venture capital industry
• Startups and entrepreneur from U.S. and China

Moderator: (To be confirmed)

• Canice Wu, CEO, PlugandPlay
• Jay Eum, Co-founder/Managing Director, TransLink Capital
• Keith Teare – Co-founder, TechCrunch

How to apply: please send your resume to

Panel Discussion:
Cloud Computing and Big Data: Innovation on the Cloud

Schedule: 4:40pm – 5:40pm, Nov, 2nd, Saturday, 2013
Venue: SVIEF Main Stage (Exhibit Hall C), Santa Clara Convention Center

The current era is a golden age to drive growth and innovation in cloud computing. Companies now understand that cloud computing offers the possibility of being able to seamlessly change IT without having the time and expense of setting up, configuring, and deploying new systems. And they are increasingly looking to cloud computing as an integral component of their computing strategy. Many companies are discovering that it is much easier to experiment and innovate with cloud computing than with traditional computing models. Yet, are we ready to apply the theories we know? What the challenges and risks? And where is the next innovative trend in this field?

Key Topics:
- Discuss the best solution of cloud computer for Small and Medium Business
- How to solve the security issues for cloud computing
- How to transform a traditional data center to a cloud computing environment
- Business opportunities of Cloud Computing and Big data between China and US

- Executives, CEOs of companies in cloud computing and big data industry;
- Scholars in cloud computing and big data fields;
- Start-up enterprisers in cloud computing and big data related fields;

Moderator: (To be confirmed)


Charles Fan, Senior VP, VMware
Anurag Maunder, Head, EMC Storage Automation and Infrastructure group

How to apply: Please email your request to

2013 SVIEF Forum: Women in Innovation

Hours: 7:45pm-8:45pm, Saturday, Nov 2, 2013
Venue: Ballroom, Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley, US

Nowadays, we are impressed by the potential and contribution of women in various industries. Even in the male-dominated field of science and technology innovation, professional women’s role is becoming more prominent. Not to mention there are many key executives of women in emerging field of technology companies. How should professional women balance career and family, develop organization and leadership skills, develop their advantages in the high technology field, as well as design innovative strategies from women's perspective? We will invite outstanding political, business, and academic women leaders to share their successful experiences, and to investigate the trends of change about career women in hi-tech industry.

Key topics:
- Successful women politicians and entrepreneurs to share life experiences
- Advantages and trends of career women in the high-tech industry
- Self-Development of leadership and innovative skills of woman entrepreneurs
- Chances and challenges of women entrepreneurs

Attendees: (From both US and China)
- Politician, industry leaders, and scholar representatives
- Executives from high tech companies
- Entrepreneurs

Moderator: TBD

Guests Speaker:
Christina Brodbeck, Managing Partner, Rivet Ventures
Monisha Perkash, CEO/Co-founder, LUMO Body Tech
Brittany Richards, Venture Director, Citi Ventures

How to apply: Please email your resume to


Al Gore

45th Vice President of the United States
Judy Chu

Congresswoman, US
Mike Honda

Congressman, US; Chairman of SVIEF
Jackie Speier

Congresswoman, US
Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer, Inc.
Chief Scientist, Fusion-io
(List in alphabetical order)
Larry Asera

Chairman, CEO and Founder, Asera Group, Inc
Michael F. Bianco

Chairman and CEO, American Capital Markets Group
Renu Bhatia

Vice President, Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Marvell
Christina A. Brodbeck

Co-Founder, Pickvee; Managing Partner, Rivet Ventures

James Cai

Founder of Schein & Cai LLP; President of SVIBA

Sean Chai

Director, Innovation Technology Services at Kaiser Permanente

Dongmin Chen

Dean, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Peking University
Andrew Chiu

Chief Executive Office CEO, Verliant Energy
Jay B. Clare

Senior Vice President, Infrastructure and Environment division of URS Corporation
Andrew Collins

CEO, Mailman Group
Ash Damle

CEO and founder, MEDgle
Roger S. Eng

President, Golden Gate Radiology Medical Group
Jay Eum

Co-Founder and Managing Director, TransLink Capital
Andy Fan

Vice Chairman, United Nations World Peace Foundation
Charles Fan

Senior Vice President of R&D, VMware
Yajun Fang

Program Chair, MIT Intelligent Transportation Research Center
Johnnie Giles

Executive Director, External Affairs of Comcast Corporation
Praveen Gupta

VP, SK Telecom Americas
Nicholas Hope

Director, Stanford Center for International Development (SCID)
Alan Huang

Co-founder, InPower BioEnergy Technologies Inc.
Thomas Huang

Co-founder / CTO, ClinicTree
Michael A. Innaurato

Equity Partner, Life Science

Helene Kim

Executive Director, Berkeley IELE Program

Eddy Lee

Principal, Fenox Venture Capital
Cha Li

Founder and Managing Partner, iStart Ventures LLC and Dragonvest Partners LLC.
Jun Li

Chairman, Beijing Software Export Center
Yong Liu

Ph.D. Director, Open Innovation and Partnerships, Baidu, Inc.
Yaoguang Ma

President, Mashington Investment Group China
Kelly Masood

President/CTO, Intilop
Anurag Maunder

Head, EMC Storage Automation and Infrastructure group
Juwei Mu

Professor, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS)
Joseph Pergolizzi

General Partner, Life Science Equity Partners LLC; Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical School
Monisha Perkash

CEO & Co-founder, LUMO BodyTech
Kish Rajan

Director, California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development
Brittany Richards

Venture Director, Citi Ventures
Hong Shi

Chairman/Managing Partner, Redstone Venture Capital
Vaughan Smith

VP, Facebook         
Keith Teare

Founder, Archimedes Labs
Co-founder, TechCrunch
Victor Tong

Founder and Chief Evangelizing Officer, Webplus
Rob Trice

Venture Partner, Swisscom Ventures        
Jay Vijayan

CIO, Tesla Motors        
Lin Wan

Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer, Stella Technology
Chenxi Wang

VP, McAfee
Shaojie Wang

President, ZVCA
Ron Wessels

Head, Global Startup Recruitment, SAP Startup Focus program
Canice Wu

President, Plug and Play Tech Center
Parviz Yegani

Vice President, Architecture and Technology, Juniper Networks
Jigang Yi

Vice President, ZVCA
Tiemin Zhao

Venture Partner, IPV Capital and Gerneral Manager, Amprius USA
Jianqing Zhang

Research Scientist, Intel Labs
Randi Zuckerberg

Founder / CEO, Zuckerberg Media; Former Marketing Director, Facebook

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