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Media reports (partial list):

• The San Francisco Post: 2013 the 3rd Silicon Valley Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
• CBS: Silicon Valley Courting Chinese Business Leaders For Investment
• The 3rd SVIEF was successfully held
• Al Gore Tells Silicon Valley What's at Stake

2013 the 3rd Silicon Valley Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum(SVIEF) was successfully held at Santa Clara Convention Center on November 2nd. 5000+ high tech leaders, VCs, and entrepreneurs from US and China attended the conference.

The theme of 2013 SVIEF was "Explore the future of Innovation". US Former Vice President Al Gore was the Opening Keynote speaker for 2013 SVIEF .US Congresswoman Judy Chu, Deputy Consul General of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco, Gang Bi, US Congresswomen Jackie Speier, Director of California Governor’s Office Kish Rajan, and Executive President of SVIEF Iris Lei delivered their opening remarks at the morning session. Ms. Iris Lei indicated that

2013 SVIEF Main Stage
session. Ms. Iris Lei indicated that the 3rd SVIEF was so far the best SVIEF held. On the main stage, the conference had Mr. Al Gore presented as the keynote speaker, and industry leaders giving their views to innovation and entrepreneurship trends; On the exhibition hall, latest high technology and products from US, China, France, Israel, and Canada were displayed; Generally speaking, 2013 SVIEF has attracted more and more younger audience, who has brought in creative and innovative thinking for technology entrepreneurship.

Al Gore, US Former Vice President at 2013 SVIEF

Judy Chu, US Congresswoman
at 2013 SVIEF

Gang Bi, Deputy Consul General, Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco at 2013 SVIEF

Jackie Speier, US Congresswoman at 2013 SVIEF

Kish Rajan, Director of California Governor’s Office at 2013 SVIEF

Iris Lei, Executive President, SVIEF Committee; Founder and President,
99people, Inc
at 2013 SVIEF

Al Gore, 45th US Vice President with Andrew Chiu, CEO, Verliant at 2013 SVIEF
US Former Vice President Al Gore gave the keynote speech for 2013 SVIEF. Thousands of audience gave Gore a rapturous standing ovation when he first appeared on stage. As former Vice President, a Nobel-winning environmental activist and an Apple board member, Al Gore spoke to Silicon Valley business leaders not only about global warming but also about income inequality.

Later, during Al Gore's post-speech Q & A session with Andrew Chiu, CEO of Verliant, Gore named carbon as a major problem that puts the
future of the earth at stake. He used the 62-million-dollar cost of Hurricane Sandy as an example. Al Gore and Mr. Chiu shared their visions on new energy and environmental protection.

Besides greetings and speeches from US and China government, industry leaders from international well-known companies were invited to be speakers as well. Jay Vijayan, Chief Information Officer of Tesla, made a keynote speech during the morning session also, to introduce the latest technology of Tesla and explore important elements in the development of high-tech industry.
Jay Vijayan, Chief Information Officer, Tesla at 2013 SVIEF

In the following session of IT Leadership Dialogue, Apple Inc. co-founder, Steve Wozniak and Managing Director of PwC, Rob Shelton shared their visions about IT Leadership nowadays. Catherine Heenan from Kron-TV was the moderator. As a Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for more than thirty years, Steve Wozniak has helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple’s first line of products the Apple I and II and influenced the popular Macintosh. Steve talked about his start-up experience and concept on technology, and he pointed out that it is hard to copy the success of Apple. He also mentioned that cloud computing is currently the most advanced web technology.

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder, Apple
Computers Inc.
at 2013 SVIEF
Steve Wozniak, Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc. with Rob Shelton, Managing Director, PwC at 2013 SVIEF

The afternoon session started by opening speech from US Congressman Mike Honda. As the Chairman of 2013 SVIEF, he gave the attendees a warm welcome and encouraged the business partnership between US and China.

VP from Facebook, Mr. Vaughan Smith also gave an afternoon keynote speech for 2013 SVIEF. During his speech, he shared with audience his visions on the development of internet and innovation. Vaughan Smith is responsible for Mobile Partnerships at Facebook. He was previously EVP Corporate Development at Move with responsibility for Strategy, M&A, Online Marketing, Analytics & Partnerships.
Mike Honda, US Congressman at 2013 SVIEF

Vaughan Smith, VP, Facebook at 2013 SVIEF

2013 SVIEF Startup Contest
Followed was 2013 SVIEF Start-up Contest. Top 10 projects demoed their projects on stage , with on-site judges including Andrew Collins, CEO of Mailman Group, Yong Liu, Director of Baidu, Inc., Vincent Ma, President of Mashington Investment Group China , Hong Shi, Chairman/Managing Partner of Redstone Venture Capital, Victor Tong, Chief Evangelizing Officer of Webplus, Rob Trice, Venture Partner of Swisscom Ventures, and Ron Wessels, Head of SAP Startup Focus Program. Startup Contest is always the highlight of SVIEF. Its main purpose is to cater to the needs of the rising start-up business, by bridging both US and China with efficient platform for communication and networking, beneficial innovative start-up environment and information sharing, diverse cross-strait partnership on technology, talent, capital, and market, and integrate venture capital and high-tech industry, etc.

Other afternoon sessions included US-China VC Investment Forum and Panel Discussion: Cloud Computing and Big Data. Founder of Schein & Cai LLP James Cai was the moderator. Panelists included Jay Eum, Co-founder/Managing Director of TransLink Capital, Keith Teare, Co-founder of TechCrunch, Canice Wu, CEO of Plug and Play Tech Center, and Tiemin Zhao, Partner of IPV Capital. Key Topics included Cross-industry integration among finance, entity, and Internet, Internet-based financialization and finance-based internet, The road of Internet Banking under the big data, Shanghai free-trade zone and innovative financial service, and Internet-based financial investment opportunities between china and US, etc.
2013 SVIEF US-China VC Investment Forum

2013 SVIEF Cloud Computing and Big Data: Innovation on the Cloud

In the Cloud Computing and Big Data: Innovation on the Cloud session panel discussion, Charles Fan, Senior VP of VMware was the moderator. Panelists included Praveen Gupta, VP of SK Telecom Americas, Kelly Masood, CEO/Founder of Intilop Inc, Anurag Maunder, Head of EMC Storage Automation and Infrastructure group, Chenxi Wang, VP of McAfee, and Parviz Yegani, VP of Juniper Networks. They gave a wonderful discussion about the best solution of cloud computer for Small and Medium Business, how to solve the security issues for cloud computing, how to transform a traditional data center to a cloud computing environment, and the business opportunities of Cloud Computing and Big data between China and US, etc.

After the Cloud Computing Panel Discussion was 2013 SVIEF Startup Contest Award Ceremony. The project of Vital Flow Stimulator won the first award. During the Ceremony, there were 2 lucky draws. One was an iPad Air for startup contest attendees, the other one was the roundtrip flight ticket from San Francisco to Beijing, China for all the attendees sponsored by Air China.
2013 SVIEF Startup Contest
Award Ceremony
Litao Zhao, GM, Air China San Francisco with the lottery winner at 2013 SVIEF

Former marketing director of Facebook, Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, Randi Zuckerberg, delivered the closing speech for 2013 SVIEF. She shared with audience her visions on social media, entrepreneurship and innovation trends. She encouraged everyone to be more involved in the social media word in a proper way, as she said "Everyone is a media company". As an early marketing executive at Facebook, Randi created and ran the social media pioneer’s marketing programs. She led the company’s U.S. election and international politics strategy and created Facebook’s live streaming initiatives during the 2008 Presidential Inauguration.
Randi Zuckerberg, Founder/CEO, Zuckerberg Media; Former Marketing Director, Facebook at 2013 SVIEF

Exhibition hall was another hotspot of 2013 SVIEF. The 2013 SVIEF Expo included professional job fair, innovative projects roadshow, and high-tech company products display. Attendees were amazed by the new high technology displayed at expo hall. Exhibitors were from US, China, France, Canada, and Israel etc, including 3D Scanning/Printing Technology companies, start-up companies, Tesla, Symantec, Air China, InPower BioEnergy, Invest HK, Lexus, Atmel, SAP Startup Focus, etc.

2013 SVIEF Expo

Besides the main hall session, 6 other sessions also played an important role in together fostering innovation and business partnership between US and China. These sessions were Medical IT Roundtable Meeting: Michael Bianco, Chairman and CEO of American Capital Markets Group was the moderator. Panelists included Sean Chai, Director of Kaiser Permanente, Roger S. Eng, President of Golden Gate Radiology Medical Group , Thomas Huang, Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer of ClinicTree, Eddy Lee, Principal of Fenox Venture Capital, Juwei Mu, Associate Director of Office of Medical Servive, Cancer Hospital, CAM, Joseph Pergolizzi, Adjunct Professor of Johns Hopkins Medical School and Lin Wan, Co-founder/ Chief Technology Officer of Stella Technology; One-on-One Business Matchmaking; One-on-one VC Meeting; Partner Seminar: Tax and Investment Tips in US by Cung Thai, President of American Brokerage Network; and Partner Seminar: Investment Opportunity in US by Ming Xu, CEO & Chairman of World Capital Market.
Nicolas Hope, Director, Stanford Center for International Development at 2013 SVIEF Banquet

2013 SVIEF US-China Night Banquet

In the evening, 300+ industry leaders from both US and China attended the US-China Night Banquet. Nicolas Hope, Director of Stanford Center for International Development first shared his vision on Business Challenge and Opportunities between US and China. Later was the women in Innovation Panel discussion. Chuck Ashman, CEO of SMA Global was the moderator. He and Christina Brodbeck, Managing Partner of Rivet Ventures, Helene Kim, Executive Director of Berkeley Law's International Executive Legal Education (IELE) program, and Brittany Richards, Venture Director of Citi Ventures, together delivered a fantastic discussion about women innovation and entrepreneurship.

2013 SVIEF was the most influential conference in Silicon Valley connecting US and China. It provided attendees and supporters with a vital and dynamic platform to explore the infinite potentiality of innovation and entrepreneurship across the Pacific Ocean, and share the vision of new era as well as faith in entrepreneur spirit

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