List of Innovation Awards Top 30

  • Avegant
    Avegant is a technology company revolutionizing the world of wearable displays. In early 2014 Avegant introduced the Glyph, a portable headset for mobile or home use. Combining a unique flip-down form factor, super sharp imagery, a single HDMI connection, 3D capability, Bluetooth headtracking and premium noise-cancelling audio, the Glyph allows users to take their media on the go.
  • Birdi
    Birdi: Smart Air Monitor. We monitor the air quality of your home, tracking dust, soot and other health dangers plus warn you about emergencies like fire and carbon monoxide. Stay connected and protected in your home. Birdi (formerly Canary) is an elegant device for your ceiling that sends you the information you need, right to our app, exactly when you need it.
  • Bluebox Security
    Bluebox’s mobile security solution safeguards corporate data within mobile applications.
  • BlueCity LLC
    BlueCity is a solutions provider with a core focus on Mobile Technologies and Sensor Integration using Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi Direct.We believe in the potential of IOT and Crowd-Sourced mechanisms to collect data from a users environment leading to actionable intelligence.Our Full Stack solution comprising of our custom hardware and suite of applications are geared towards a wide variety of use cases including waste management and environmental sensing.
  • CA7CH
    Re-imagining the camera as a connected wearable device, CA7CH created Lightbox by bringing together supreme hardware quality, mobile app and cloud to design an innovative user experience that lets you capture and share life effortlessly. Built for Smart Phones, Lightbox packs pro camera features such as 1080p HD quality and live video streaming into a package that’s only 1.5” (3.8cm) small. Shifting storage to the cloud and introducing beautiful filters, video editing and one-click sharing tools, we envisioned Lightbox as a new companion for the Smart Phone.
  • Comprehend Systems 
    Comprehend offers cloud-based clinical data insight solutions for universal access to data.
  • Dinneract
    OTO customize food order. Customers could get their personal chief to cook on their own place, as long as schedules match.
  • EHang, Inc.
    In China, Ghost is the first drone which could be operated by app on mobile devices. It is very easy to operate.You just need to point on maps to ask Ghost to hover, return, landing or even stop in the air.Ghost also could make your aerial filming dream come true.
  • Electric Imp
    Electric Imp provides an innovative and powerful service platform that makes it simple to connect devices to the Internet. The company’s proven WiFi-enabled solution - featuring fully integrated hardware, software, OS, APIs and cloud services - dramatically decreases cost and time to market. The Electric Imp platform is reliable and secure, empowering businesses and developers to deploy, manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users.To learn more about the Electric Imp platform and solution, please visit
  • Exeray
    Exeray is about evolution and revolution in big data. As smart devices, information sharing networks, and data mining tools lead us into big data age, simply superior data structures and algorithms are needed to build complex systems to handle massive datasets.
  • Grabit Inc.
    Grabit Inc. is poised to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar material handling market with its patented electroadhesion technology. Electroadhesion is a disruptive technology that enables completely new solutions in robotic parts handling, parts fixturing, warehouse logistics and conveying systems. It is a highly-flexible, ultra-low energy technology that enables the reliable grasping and transfer of parts and eliminates the need for part-specific, bulky, energy-intensive conventional gripper technology. Grabit products enable new applications and deliver customer-validated direct and dramatic benefits to the bottom line with unprecedented flexibility, performance and low operating costs.
  • Handscape
    HandScape Inc. is a startup company based in Mountain View, CA. HandScape was formed to design and deliver user-focused solutions, which enable new models for inputting data and navigating computer screens via a gripping hand. Our solutions leverage emerging capacitive touch and hover sensor technologies located primarily on the back of tablets for a richer, more ergonomic solution.
  • hitchBOT
    hitchBOT is an adventurous robot that began hitchhiking across Canada in July 2014. hitchBOT was first conceived in 2013 as a collaborative art project between Dr. David Harris Smith, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia at McMaster University, and Dr. Frauke Zeller, Assistant Professor in the School of Professional Communication at Ryerson University. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and user interface (UI) design, including speech recognition, speech processing, social media, and Wikipedia APIs, hitchBOT has charmed its way through rides from coast to coast across Canada. For more information, visit hitchBOT’s website at
  • Joyfit
    Joyfit provides 3D printed bras that are custom fit to the customer’s curve. We are the first company that provides made-to-measure bras that fit every customer’s unique shape. Joyfit pioneers in using an all-around shape profile to visualize the customer’s curve so as to fully satisfy the customer’s personalized request of shape enhancement. Our Joyfit bras are able to enhance the breast curve according to the customer’s shape profile as well as her request in padding, lifting and coverage levels.
  • Karfarm
    The KarFarm Team developed an innovative platform that utilize the latest online and mobile technologies to revolutionize the car buying experience.
  • Lark Technologies
    Lark interprets the world’s sensor data to empower people to live a happier and healthier life. Designed with top behavior science faculty from Harvard and Stanford, Lark’s Behavior Change Engine is a software backend solution, powering best-in-class hardware partners’ wearable sensor solutions.
  • Mighty Cast
    NEX is the nexus of digital and physical connections. While most tech wristbands on the market today focus on fitness and health, the NEX lets you interact with all your passions, from friends to music to gaming to movies to sports - and so much more.
  • NeuroSky
    NeuroSky is breaking the boundaries of body and mind monitoring and analysis for consumer-facing, wearable technology products. Our innovative biosensors are used in hundreds of products, brought to market by our partners, for body and mind health.
  • Nod Labs
    Nod Labs develops hardware and software that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with computers. Nod Labs believes technology should be magic, just out of the way.
  • Orbeus
    Orbeus is a computer vision company that focus on organizing visual information and making it universally accessible. We are the first and only company to provide a proprietary cloud-based image analysis solution that makes sense of faces, scenes and objects all together.
  • Polarr
    Best photo retouching web editor
  • Sentri
    Stay in control with your home from anywhere
  • Sobrr
    At Sobrr, we fundamentally change the way people interact with one another online by introducing the concept of "temporary social network." On Sobrr, everything expires in 24 hours including posts, chats and even friendships unless both sides explicitly choose to "keep."
  • SolidPartners, Inc.
    At SolidPartners, the mission is to provide software tools that allow a whole new population of companies to utilize PLM capabilities that were previously only accessible to companies with a lot of money and a lot of skill.
  • Suitable Technologies
    The BeamPro allows users to interact with remote locations by coupling high-end video and audio with the freedom of motion to move about a space.
  • Tapsis Ltd
    Cluster of e-services Ltd has developed multiaplicational platform TAPSIS , dedicated to manage micropayments, ticketing and loyalty solutions. Multiaplicational platform TAPSIS allow to use one el. card or NFC phone for identification and access control, payments in cafeterias and shops, taxi and car parking, copy/printing and vending machines, to buy and store in the card or NFC phone tickets for transport and events, to get vouchers and accumulate loyalty points and use it later for partly payments for services or goods.
  • TAO Wellness
    Only TAOTM allows anyone to exercise anytime, anywhereTM. TAO combines real exercise - based on isometrics, similar to yoga and Pilates mechanics – with mobile. TAOs app coaches you through reps of exercises that are as rigorous as you want them to be. TAO coaches you to vary the pressure you exert during the exercise, making the workout more beneficial and more fun.
  • The Eye Tribe
    The Eye Tribe software enables eye control on mobile devices, allowing hands­free navigation of websites and apps, including eye activated login, enhanced gaming experiences and cloud­based user engagement analytics.
  • Trustlook
    Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Trustlook is a global leader in next-generation mobile security solutions. Trustlook security industry veterans are pioneering the first APT (advanced persistent threat) mobile security solution in order to detect and address zero-day vulnerabilities an advanced malware.
  • UNU Electronics Inc.
    Founded in 2009, UNU was created to address the ever-growing need of reliable lasting power. Even in its infancy, UNU has always strived to bring reliable power to the public. By ensuring that every product consists of the highest quality materials, goes through thorough testing, and features long-lasting components, UNU has become one of the leaders in the mobile power industry. UNU has grown from a single 1,000sq foot office in the bay area into a multi-national manufacturer and distributor of mobile power accessories that has seen rapid growth each year of its existence. Within 5 years, UNU has already been awarded prestigious awards such as the CES 2013: Innovations Award, PC Magazines iPhone Accessory of the Year, and iLounge’s Best of Show CES 2014.

2014 SVIEF Innovation Awards Top 30

Application Open

The Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum cordially invites individuals, companies, organizations and government agencies world-wide to apply for the Innovation Awards.

We're looking for technological breakthroughs in areas such as Mobile Internet/Gaming, wearable tech, 3D printing, robotics, health Care IT, New Energy, software, hardware/semiconductor, and other emerging technologies, etc. Innovations should go far beyond marginal improvements in existing products and services. Winners will be chosen by an independent panel of judges.

Why apply:
• Ability to maximize exposure with company introduction and logo listed on SVIEF website and Newsletter recognition
• Winners enjoy the benefits of joining SVIEF Executives Club
• Speaker and panelist opportunity on SVIEF and major events
• Access to SVIEF business matchmaking sessions
• Networking opportunities with famous angel investors /VCs from both US and China
• Valuable and effective connections to the most influential business leaders from China and US
• Exposure to global perspectives and opportunities

How to Apply:
Apply here by filling out the form with any supporting documentation by Aug.31, 2014, 6 p.m. (PST). No application fee.

Supporting documents are optional but suggested. Qualified documents would be research papers, examples of media coverage and testimonials from third-party sources or customers, short video presentations, etc.

--Does the innovation break with conventional ideas or processes in its field?
--Does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists?
--Will it have a wide impact in its field or on future technology?

Key program dates:
Aug 31th: Application deadline
Sep 8th: Top 30 Winners' Announcement
Sep 27th: Award Ceremony at the 4th SVIEF at Santa Clara Convention Center

Important note for Biotech/Medical applicants:
Medical innovations requiring FDA approval in the U.S. (or the equivalent in other countries) should have received such approval before being submitted to this contest. We will not consider innovations that are still in clinical trials because the eventual outcome of the trials is unknown.

For questions, please contact SVIEF in the U.S. at 1.650.567.9999, or at

2014 SVIEF Organizing Committee
May, 2014



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