Gold Sponsorship

Company logo on official event website with 150 word company description
Company logo on specific signage associated with sponsorship chosen
Company logo included in select marketing materials
Gift/flyer included in conference bag (provided by the sponsors)
Seat on the SVIEF Advisory Board ᾿participant to be approved by SVIEF
Dinner Banquet Sponsorship recognition, Company banner display on site at the dinner banquet room
Speaking Slot as either a Panel Moderator or Panel Participant ᾿content and speaker to be approved by SVIEF
Photo with VIP Guests (one member)
2 standard booths
6 VIP passes, 10 general tickets (Including Lunch and Dinner)
1/2x A4 page AD in the program book

Being a sponsor at the 2014 SVIEF is a great opportunity to help you meet your marketing, branding, and finance goals.

For more cooperation opportunities with 2014 SVIEF, please contact:

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