Andrew Chiu
CEO, verliant energy

Verliant is a leading waste-to-bioenergy project developer in North America, using proprietary mechanical and enzymatic technologies to convert municipal trash and agricultural waste into clean energy, water and recyclable resources.

We provide distributed renewable energy and waste recovery solutions; helping municipalities and waste management companies to accelerate zero waste goals, grow bottom-line margins, and achieve carbon neutral footprints.

Andrew Chiu has been the Chief Executive Officer for Verliant Energy, Inc. since fall of 2012. With a successful track record in industries ranging from communications technology to wealth management to renewable energy, he brings extensive expertise and talent to target new business endeavors and successfully lead emerging technologies through commercialization. With Verliant, he envisions a company that will provide global and social changes to benefit people from all walks of life, with a disruptive technology that will transform the way waste management companies and energy providers do business.

Andrew applies innovative, technology-driven ideas and approaches to think outside the box, and transform age-old industries into brand new market opportunities. He is highly regarded for his ability to link technology companies with investment banking and venture capital firms. Through his 20+ years of experience, he has developed strong relationships with top executives of major organizations in the sprouting cleantech, biotech and venture capital landscape.

When he’s not pursuing his lifetime passion and mission to turn the world of trash upside down, Andrew enjoys spending time educating the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.