Wang Huang
Founder &CEO, Huami Technology
President, Xiaomi Bracelet

Mr. Huang is a serial entrepreneur, focusing on the development of hardware. He is an expert of embedded Linux technology. He founded HH Tech in China, which is an platform for Linux application development. After HH Tech, he founded SmartQ, which is the first supplier for tablets in China. SmartQ was awarded the CTIA 2013 Emerging Technology Awards.

Mr. Huang founded Huami, which is spondored by Xiaomi Tech and Shbunwei, dedicating into supplying smart wearable and Internet service. Huami Tech is an important part of Xiaomi’s strategy. They cooperate to research and develop Xiaomi Bracelet.

Mr Huang was honored as Anhui Youth May 4th Medal, Lead of the New Technology. He was graduated from University of Science and Technology of China.