John E Shen
Business Development Manager, SVP, ICBC USA

A native of Taiwan, John Shen immigrated to the US in 1980 at an age of 15. Typical of the early 80’s so-called “little overseas student” movement to migrate to America, Shen was the only Chinese American student graduated in a northern Indiana high school before moving on to study at the Indiana University. Shen moved to reside in California in late 1980’s and completed his BS degree in Economics at the San Jose State University.

Recruited by Wells Fargo Bank in 1989, Shen first completed Personal Banking Officer Certification training program and started as a Personal Banking Officer. After spending 10 years in retail banking, Shen transformed his career path to commercial segment and worked as a business development officer for Comerica Bank. Later, recruited to Bank of America and HSBC to eventually joining ICBC USA to continue his focus on international banking, with the goal to bridge the commercial banking market between China and the US for mid-sized companies with annual revenue up to $250 million.

As a new immigrant, Shen re-engineered himself to absorb the essence of American spirit while maintaining an awareness of his heritage. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for 25 years, Shen realized that his acute awareness of the two worldly culture and solid foundation of US oriented banking knowledge could efficiently enhance business communication and deliver unique international banking services much needed in today’s global economy.