SVIEF is a great international conference for you to

Inspire yourself with entrepreneurship and innovative concept
Various topics are presented in dynamic styles, including forum, panel discussion, round-table meeting, startup contest, banquet, etc. Come enjoy the blast and refresh yourself again with the motivation of being an entrepreneur and innovator.

Learn about cutting-edge high tech information
Keynote speeches from industry and government leaders. Get prepared to be impressed by their extraordinary visions and perspectives.

Share thoughts with industry peers
With other industry peers, you are exposed to a fabulous think tank, and are free to exchange your opinions with other counterparts and present yourself to more career opportunities and inspirations.

Seek for business development opportunities
One-on-one VC meeting and Business matchmaking are specially designed for small to medium business owners, start-up companies, and self-employed entrepreneurs.

Expand connections both in US and China
SVIEF has been functioning as the mutual-beneficial international bridge between US and China since its start. For people who are interested in developing opportunities in both US and China, it's the top-choice conference. You will be amazed by the resources provided at SVIEF.


Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) is an international conference designed to foster innovation and promote business partnerships connecting US, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. It is a leading venue in high-tech industry field gathering multi-tech and business professionals, while providing a platform for talent, technology and capital exchange. The past three SVIEF were held in Silicon Valley in Fall, 2011, 2012, and 2013, with more than 5,000 attendees each year.

The 2014 SVIEF will be held on Sep 27th, Saturday, 2014 at Santa Clara Convention Center. It is designed to be intense and informative, with theme on "Global Vision of Innovation: Cross-Border and Disrupt". The 2014 SVIEF will keep on providing the attendees and supporters with a vital and dynamic platform.

With the global economic growth, the world economy is constantly changing. SMEs could no more rely on low energy costs, low labor costs or low environmental costs. They are facing new survival and development issues - how to transfer from imitation economy into innovation economy? However, what is innovative thinking? How to develop innovative thinking? How will innovative thinking help with economic growth?

To answer these questions, SVIEF 2014 will invite industry leaders, entrepreneurs, VCs, etc. from both US and China to explore the infinite potentiality of innovation and entrepreneurship across the Asia-Pacific region, and share the vision of new era as well as faith in entrepreneur spirit.


• Wearable:
How to make wearable devices more intelligent, and more accessible to us in terms of price and features?
• 3D: What other applications you do not know about 3D?
• Robotics: How will robotics change our future?
• Big Data: In the era of big data, how to protect personal privacy?
• O2O: China and the U.S. Internet giants gear up to explore O2O. How will they create a new market of it?
• Mobile games: What's the opportunities and challenges for mobile games developers with the rise of smart phones?
• Smart Homes: How smart homes work? Are they far away?
• Internet: How to look at the rise of Chinese Internet giants, and who will be the next one to fall?
• Internet of things: What's the opportunity after the combination of IOT and the cloud?
• Bitcoin: How will virtual bitcoin and actual market be smoothly connected?
• Internet of cars: The cooperation and subversion of traditional automotive industry and internet of cars


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