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Timothy Draper, Partner of DFJ will give opening speech on 4th SVIEF Startup Contest

Event date: Sep 27th, 2014 (08:00am -06:00pm)
Conference Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center
SVIEF Web:http://www.svief.org/

We are so honor to announce that Timothy Draper, partner of DFJ will give us opening speech on 4th SVIEF Startup Contest.

Timothy C. Draper is the Founder Partner of DFJ. His original suggestion to use "viral marketing" in web-based e-mail to geometrically spread an Internet product to its market was instrumental to the successes of Hotmail and YahooMail, and has been adopted as a standard marketing technique by hundreds of businesses. On behalf of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Tim currently serves on the boards of DoAt, Glam, Prosper, and Miartech. DFJ's previous successes include: Skype (EBAY), Overture.com (YHOO), Baidu (BIDU), Parametric Technology (PMTC), Hotmail (MSFT), PLX Technologies (PLXT), Preview Travel (TVLY), Digidesign (AVID), and hundreds of others.

Tim launched the DFJ Global Network. He founded or co-founded DFJ ePlanet (global), Draper Fisher Jurvetson Gotham (NYC), Zone Ventures (LA), Epic Ventures (Salt Lake City), Draper Atlantic (Reston), Draper Triangle (Pittsburg), Timberline Ventures (Portland), Polaris Fund (Anchorage), DFJ Frontier (Sacramento and Santa Barbara), DFJ Vina Capital (Vietnam), and DFJ DragonFund (Shanghai).

As an advocate for entrepreneurs and free markets, Tim is regularly featured as a keynote speaker in entrepreneurial conferences throughout the world, has been recognized as a leader in his field through numerous awards and honors, and has frequent TV, radio, and headline appearances. He was #52 on the list of the 100 most influential Harvard Alumni, and #7 on the Forbes Midas List. He was named Always-On #1 top venture capital deal maker for 2008. He was awarded the Commonwealth Club's Distinguished Citizen Award for achievements in green and sustainable energy.

SVIEF has established bilateral cooperative relationships with more than 50 angel investment institutions, top investment groups, 10 American mainstream incubator (eg RocketSpace, PlugandPlay, and etc.) as well as a number of top professional associations (such as the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley, Solid and etc.) in both China and US . Start-ups club has over 3,000 active members, and every month well-known VCs ,successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and senior managers are gathering here in business seminars, looking for potential projects. Club also organized members visit high-tech Parks in China. Whenever there is the potential creation we receive, we promise to bring it up, strongly integrate China-US venture capital resources and create the environment for your success. In the past 4 years, we got over 1500 projects, and over 30 projects are invested by VCs/Angel investors and government high-tech awards, with over 8million dollars.


Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) is an international conference designed to foster innovation and promote business partnerships connecting US and Asia-Pacific region. It is a leading venue in high-tech industry field gathering multi-tech and business professionals, while providing a platform for talent, technology and capital exchange. The past three SVIEF were held in Silicon Valley in Fall, 2011, 2012, and 2013, with more than 5,000 attendees each year.

The 2014 SVIEF will be held on Sep 27th, Saturday, 2014 at Santa Clara Convention Center. It is designed to be intense and informative, with theme on "Global Vision of Innovation: Cross-Border and Disrupt". The 2014 SVIEF will keep on providing the attendees and supporters with a vital and dynamic platform.