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2014 SVIEF - The biggest High Tech innovation and entrepreneurship conference in Silicon Valley for businesses in both Asia and US!
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Media reports:

On Sep 27th,2014, in Santa Clara Convention Center, Sillicon Valley, high tech leaders, both from US and China, were gathering together in 2014 SVIEF and talked about the future of innovation. Highlights in this year’s SVIEF conclude Wearable, 3D, Robotics, Big Data, O2O, Mobile games, Smart Homes, Internet, Bitcoin, Internet of cars…etc. Over 7000 attendees and over ten famous media from both China and US came to SVIEF, and some of the media, such as Tencent Tech, CCTV and SMG sent a team to report this wonderful event.

CBS Famous host Brian Hackney hosted 2014 SVIEF. Many high tech leaders, famous professors, entrepreneurs and political leaders gave keynote speeches and panel discussion, including Judy Chu, US congresswoman; Ira Ehrenpreis, early investor of Tesla; Steven Chu, Nobel Price Winner; Yaqin Zhang, President of Baidu Inc; Steve Wozniak, Cofounder of Apple Computer Inc; Steve Westly, partner of Westly Group; Timothy Draper, founder of DFJ; Gary F. Locke, 10th Ambassador to China and etc. The 4th SVIEF Start-up Contest Final and China US Mobile Game Innovation Summit were held in break-out rooms, and Xiao Hong, chairman of MGEA gave opening speech. The expo area includes 5 topic-featured zones, Mobile internet/Gaming, Robotics, 3D printing, Fitness tech and Motion tech.

  • Main Stage
Judy Chu, US congresswoman and Chairwoman of SVIEF gave the opening remark on 2014 SVIEF. She said that in past year, the amount of high tech investments from China are more than doubled. When she mentioned Alibaba, she said, its influence on US stock market is incredible, and she believes skills in Chinese high tech companies will be enhanced a lot.
Judy also praised the representatives who contributed to China-US high-tech exchanges: Iris Lei, executive CEO of SVIEF and Andrew Chiu, CEO, Verliant Energy.

Judy highly appreciated Iris Lei for her contribution to talent, technology and capital exchange between US and China.
Gang Bi, Deputy Consul General, Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco said that China has just completed an important stage in the economic transformation, and scientific and technological progress is the key to economic restructuring, so Chinese high-tech companies and employees are encouraged to return to China to carry out business activities in his opening speech. The Chinese Government will create a good environment for those multinationals, and he also sincerely invite overseas companies in China to explore the Chinese market, in order to create a win-win future.
Another important spokesman of 2014 SVIEF, Steven Chu, the 12th United States Secretary of Energy and Nobel Prize winner released biotechnology-related innovation in his keynote speech, made recommendations for new energy applications, and said the China-US new energy innovation market is huge.
Ira Ehrenpreis, the early investor of Tesla Motors and Chairman of SVIEF pointed out in his opening speech "electric green vehicle has rocked the traditional auto industry, and has enhanced the portfolio management of backup and efficient output of new energy."
Gary Locke, the tenth United States Ambassador said in his closing speech, critical thinking education is the key to technological innovation, and he remains optimistic about the Chinese market investment prospects.
Apple recently released for wearable smart watches. As a speaker in SVIEF, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, expressed that he has no interest in this new product, and will not use it in his life.
Yaqin Zhang, new President of Baidu, former chairman of Microsoft Research chose 2014 SVIEF as his first high hit in scene. This is his first time with a new identity after leaving Microsoft to attend public events. His lecture is on the theme "Physics of the Internet". He talked about the brain, Baidu Eye, Baidu search chopsticks, auto motors, robots and etc. Insiders speculate that these new services may be his direction in Baidu.
  • China-US Mobile Game Innovation Summit
Zhihai, Han, General Secretary of MGEA said in the opening speech that China and the US are the two largest Internet markets, holding the majority of the opportunities. Mobile Game Market are getting more and more attentions. 2014, market amount of smart phones and tablets reaches $21.8 billion, 3 times faster than the growth of global game market. China and the United States have a broad stage for cooperation.
China-US cooperation in the development of mobile games is the trend. In order to build efficient cooperation exchange platform, in order to establish cooperation mechanisms, MGEA and SVIEF jointly held this first mobile game innovation summit.

Speakers include executives of China-US's top game companies, and they discuss the development trend of China-US game industry, development prospects and the development and distribution channels.

Hong Xiao, honorary chairman of MGEA and CEO of Perfect World said, wearable devices and smart home are emerging fields concerned by entertainment industry. With the development of network technology, wearable devices and smart home have a bright future.

For the future of the game industry, Ralph Barbagallo, founder of Flarb, believes wearable device combined with game will be the future mainstream. But he also pointed out that as wearable devices, VR, AR technologies are still in the early exploratory stage, and therefore cannot accurately predict the specific form of the game. He said the present situation of developing mobile games is very similar to the environment in 2001. At that time, no one can imagine there will be such a smart device iPhone ten years later.

Bertrand Schmitt, CEO of App Annie shared the results of the current analysis of data in game industry based on Google play, IOS, windows, etc. In his closing remarks, he also analyzed the current success of the game type.

MGEA also established its North American Branch, which was unveiled by Gary Locke, the tenth American Ambassador, Iris Lei, Executive CEO of SVIEF, Hong Xiao, Honorary Chairman of MGEA and Zhihan Han, General Secretary of MGEA.
  • High-Tech Expo
2014 SVIEF attracted more than 70 high technology companies to participate in the exhibition, and more than 7,000 participants witnessed and felt of today's most cutting-edge tech. Five themed areas consist of a number of innovative technology companies from China and North America. Canada's most famous hitch robot HITCHBOT, was talking and walking around, drawing a lot of attentions. Committed to reform wearable device company, Avegant brought the latest wearable helmet and displayed for all participants. Highlights of this helmet are unique flip-profile, ultra-sharp images, a single HDMI cable, 3D capabilities, Bluetooth, and advanced noise reduction, so that users can enjoy high-quality audio and video media at any time. In the keynote speech, Mr. Steve Woziniak, cofounder of Apple, also gave his opinion on wearable devices.

Fathom integrates of a variety of materials to 3D printing products, which meet users’increasingly demand for complex products. And Joyfit's custom lingerie is 3D printed. They put 3D printing technology completely integrate into people's lives. Besides, high-technology companies also create their own technological innovation and improvement. SVIEF Innovation Star Ehang brings Drone to every ordinary person, they turned aerial remote control to smartphone App, so that users' own smart phone can operate shooting, completely cut the difficulty of operation.

Mobile music bubble power is combined with fashion and technology, and it is one of the most fashionable and the most abundant mobile powers around the world.
  • Smart Future Summit
Speakers are focused on the current, development and future of wearable device. Huang Wang, President of Xiaomi bracelet shared the design features and functional advantages of Xiaomi bracelet. Speakers in Smart home, women innovation and China-US Educational Innovation Forum also shared high-tech applications and thoughts in different fields with attendees. Panelists on Education Forum, also specifically discussed China's current education reform hotspots, as well as vocational education in China. They mentioned that educators in China should learn from the American experience of healthy development.
  • 2014 SVIEF Startup Contest Final & The Founder Dark Horse Silicon Valley Roadshow  II
2014 SVIEF Startup Contest Final & The Founder Dark Horse Silicon Valley Roadshow  II is also extremely popular. SVIEF and the Founder jointly organize this contest. Roadshow projects includes SVIEF startup contest preliminaries selected 10 projects, and four items from China, sending by dark horse roadshow. The audience, 12 instructors and representatives from all 20 VCs evaluate the final result. The first winner is SolidPartners, who received the highest score in first round of this contest too. The second winner comes from the dark horse projects, and the third winner is CA7CH Lightbox. In addition, the contest also selected the "Most Investment Value Award" and "Best Potential Award" , won by Sobrr and Passbee Media. Passbee Media is recommeded by a partner of SVIEF, Dafoe venture, participated via video roadshow in first round of contest, and then came from Dallas to Silicon Valley for 2014 SVIEF Startup contest final.

Partner DFJ's Tim Draper gave his opening speech, and shared his experience and observation and indirect investment in Silicon Valley start-up companies. His humor and rich content won much applause. Between the second half of the roadshow, Kelvin Chan, Managing Director of East West Bank, moderated the VC panel discussion with a topic ‘when capital meets the mobile Internet’. Moderator and four guests around the mobile Internet-related fields expressed views and forecasts, brought a lot of inspiration to the audience.

After the roadshow, the lucky draw, sponsored by Allan Zhang, CEO, Trustlook and angel investor Wei Guo, offered a Ipad Mini to a lucky audien. Finally, Zhidong Zhou, Director of Talent Exchange Service Center, Administrative Committee Of Changsha National Economic and Technical Development Zone delivered the closing speech.



China US Mobile Game Innovation Summit co-host

2014 SVIEF Startup Contest Final & The Founder Media Black Horse Competion Silicon Valley Chapter II





2014 SVIEF Photos:Click here
SVIEF Website :www.svief.org
Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) is an international conference designed to foster innovation and promote business partnerships connecting US and Asia-Pacific region. It is a leading venue in high-tech industry field gathering multi-tech and business professionals, while providing a platform for talent, technology and capital exchange. The past three SVIEF were held in Silicon Valley in Fall, 2011, 2012, and 2013, with more than 5,000 attendees each year.

The 2014 SVIEF will be held on Sep 27th, Saturday, 2014 at Santa Clara Convention Center. It is designed to be intense and informative, with theme on "Global Vision of Innovation: Cross-Border and Disrupt". The 2014 SVIEF will keep on providing the attendees and supporters with a vital and dynamic platform.