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Would you come, touch and try Wearable Devices, Robotics, 3D printer, Cloud
…on 2014 SVIEF?

Event date: Sep 27th, 2014 (08:00am -06:00pm)
Conference Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center
SVIEF Web:http://www.svief.org/

Gain perspectives on how wearable tech devices and technology differ from each other, how and why 3D printer will give us new way of living, whether Robots could trust human or not, and discover what lies ahead for the billion dollar industry. Come to 2014 SVIEF, you could interact with colleagues, meet new partners, see live demos and participate in in-depth discussions.

On 2014 SVIEF,there will be over 100 booths for latest products showcase and business matchmaking, and five featured zones with themed topics including Mobile Internet/Gaming, Robotics, 3D printing, Wearable Device, Smart City/ Internet of Things (Motion Tech). Exhibitors were from US, China, France, Australia, and Canada etc., including companies such as TAO-Wellness,Modbot,hitchBOT,Catch Motion,Misfit,Fathom,Nagarro, Orbeus,Electric Imp,Game Rocket Studio, Karfarm, Lark Technology, The Eye Tribe, Handscape, and other startups etc.

Partial Exhibitors list:

Field Company Name Introduction
Smart Home / IoT
Electric Imp
Electric Imp provides an innovative and powerful service platform that makes it simple to connect devices to the Internet. The company’s proven WiFi-enabled solution - featuring fully integrated hardware, software, OS, APIs and cloud services - dramatically decreases cost and time to market. The Electric Imp platform is reliable and secure, empowering businesses and developers to deploy, manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users.
Nagarro provides software product engineering and application development services to companies inthe Global 2000, established market leaders, and startups. For ISVs, Nagarro offers full product lifecycle services, from UX, architecture, design, development and integration to implementation and support. Our global teams have extensive experience in open source, Java, .NET, node.js, Ruby, R and a variety of tools and platforms. Areas of special focus include IoT, mobility, big data, machine learning, cloud enablement and analytics.
cloud-based image analysis
Orbeus Inc.
Orbeus is a computer vision company that focus on organizing visual information and making it universally accessible. We are the first and only company to provide a proprietary cloud-based image analysis solution that makes sense of faces, scenes and objects all together. Our technology—a comprehensive visual recognition solution—was industry leading with high accuracy and broad concept coverage.Since our launch two years ago, our API platform (http://www.rekognition.com/) has received strong traction from different industries.
Modbot puts industrial quality robot building blocks into the hands of everyday inventors. Imagine automated manufacturing and consumer robots within reach of everybody, assembled like Lego but with industrial precision and power.Modbot is a system of affordable and re-usable modules that snap together, filling the gap between $100 hobby and $20,000+ industrial motion equipment. The Modbot servo is the primary building block.

hitchBOT is an outgoing and charismatic robot that began hitchhiking across Canada in July2014. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and user interface (UI) design, including speech recognition, speech processing, and social media and Wikipedia APIs, hitchBOT has charmed its way through rides across Canada.
Catch Motion, Inc
Re-imagining the camera as a connected wearable device, CA7CH created Lightbox by bringing together supreme hardware quality, mobile app and cloud to design an innovative user experience that lets you capture and share life effortlessly. Shifting storage to the cloud and introducing beautiful filters, video editing and one-click sharing tools, we envisioned Lightbox as a new companion for the Smart Phone. We built it for those moments in everyday life that you want to show others - playing with your children, riding a bicycle home from school or having drinks with friends.
Misfit invents and manufactures great wearable and ambient computing products.CNBC called its product Shine as The 'Next Big Things' in Wearable Tech.
TAO is cell-phone-sized exercise device with a free app. TAO is unique (and patented) because unlike all the trackers, you can actually exercise with TAO, anywhere. The exercises are based on isometrics (think yoga and Pilates). TAO's app coaches you through the exercises making it a game.
Mobile Gaming
Game Rocket Studio
GameRocketStudio exploring amazing adventured thru your mobile device’s. We are a start-up company that is based in the bay area. And currently have three app’s that are available at apples app store. Our current development is Puffer, the dragon. The concept is to protect your dungeon from invaders stealing your treasure. come to the expo and find us, for a live demo.
Glowstick Games
Glowstick Games is an indie game studio founded by 2 industry veterans in San Francisco. Overall, our goal is to develop innovative games for PC, consoles, and mobile that are also VR compatible. We are currently working on our award-winning indie horror game, Dark Deception for Oculus Rift, PC and PS4. We also develop mobile games and have a highly rated game, Princess Pow, available on Android and Amazon.
3D Printing
FATHOM is driven by advanced technologies. We leverage our expertise in 3D printing and additive manufacturing to help customers innovate faster and more efficiently. Our portfolio includes professional 3D printers and manufacturing systems, prototyping and advanced manufacturing services, with design and engineering resources in support of these. We strive to be your preferred partner by providing best-in-class equipment, services, and support.