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2nd Global Game Innovation Summit

The mobile game industry is still the most profitable sector in the Mobile Internet economy, while the technical innovation has brought new opportunities and challenges towards this industry. Time comes to 4G era, are there any new trends in mobile game production and billing model? What are the new characteristics of Mobile Internet industry?

The Most Valuable Resource Platform of China Mobile Gaming, who is the biggest Online Mobile Game Media in China, will together host the 2nd global game innovation summitt.

The 2nd global game innovation summit will focus on building up a platform for Innovation and Corporation in China-US mobile gaming industry. As an important session of 5th SVIEF, it will take place at the same time and same location.

Event Invitation:2nd global game innovation summit is seeking proposals from thought leaders and innovators in the High-tech industry. If you have a unique session idea or topic to share with an international audience, we want to hear from you.
Event Date:
Sep. 27th, 2015

Conference Venue:
Santa Clara Convention Center

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Game Innovation Summit - Topics
  • Chinese and U.S mobile gaming industries trending analysis
  • Funding and Operation Environment discussion: Cross Industry co-Operation
  • Will VR bring revolution towards mobile game?
  • Cross Plat-form gaming feasibility and future:
  • Cooperation and Competition: Mobile gaming industries between the US and China
  • Breaking into Asia:Insights and Strategies for Western Mobile Developers
  • Designing New IP for new Technology( The Dawn of Mobile VR)
  • Mobile Game Publishing: East vs West
  • How to find Sources of investment & funding for mobile games in China and U.S

Game Innovation Summit - Highlights
  • Keynote speech and panel discussions: leaders in the industry will be invited to explore the future opportunities under the trend, especially focusing on the China-US Corporation.
  • Distinguished guests: Board members of Mobile Game Entrepreneur Alliance (MGEA)will join CUMGIS. 
  • Virtual Reality and gaming exhibition: It provides a platform of technology communication and products exhibition. 
  • One-on-one business matchmaking: Recommending promising startup teams and arrange effective business matchmaking

Game Innovation Summit - Past Speakers
Pepe Agell
Head of International, Chartboost

Pepe Agell leads Chartboost’s worldwide expansion efforts. In this role, he oversees the company’s publisher base and strategic partnerships, to ensure the highest standard of service and support is provided to Chartboost’s customers around the world.

In addition, Agell channels feedback and interaction with the company’s worldwide publishers to inform development of the company’s leading Direct Deal Marketplace. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the UPC Barcelona and the ETH Zurich. Prior to joining Chartboost, Agell led product management and operations teams in both multinational (Hilti AG) and startups (3scale and Innovalley).

Vatsal Bhardwaj
General Manager, Storm8

Vatsal Bhardwaj is a general manager at Storm8, where he drives strategy, product development and live operations. Storm8 has more than 10 million daily active users and 600 million downloads across 200 million devices worldwide. Prior to Storm8, Vatsal worked in corporate strategy at Zynga, leading several new initiatives in mobile and international growth. Prior to that, he held product roles at Microsoft (SkyDrive, Wireless devices) and Cooliris (Mobile Photo Sharing). Vatsal has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and an M.S. in electrical and computer engineering from Duke University. He is an author of three patents in operating systems.

Arturo Galván
Founder, Naranya Venture

Arturo is a veteran entrepreneur who has been leading the development of the digital industry in Latin America for over 25 years. Arturo is currently in charge of defining and executing the growth strategy of his latest company, Naranya. For all his acomplishments in the digital industry, Arturo was named by the Wall Street Journal as the "Apostle of the Internet" in LatAm.

Brain Jiang
VP, 360 Mobile Game Dept

VP of 360 Mobile Game Dept.Brain joined 360 in 2013 and devote to operating mobile game distribution channel. He is not only a master in mobile game platform operating, but also a pioneer on creative methods promoting mobile games. Together with his team, Brain once made the miracle of 10 million download in 36 hours for "Plants vs Zombies 2" in China. At the beginning of 2014,he submit the suggestion of " For games of less than 500 thousand gross revenue per month, 360 takes no revenue share within the first 3 months" and got adopted, which brought billions of benefit for developers.

Tony Ni
Co-founder&CEO, FeiliuJiutian Tech Co., Ltd

Dr. Tony Ni is CEO of Beijing FeiliuJiutian Tech Co., Ltd. (abbr.FL Mobile) ,He is responsible for our overall strategic leadership ,product strategy planning and HR management. FL Mobile is a leading mobile interest-based community platform with coverage in China that engages users in real-time mobile online activities. Founded in 2009, FL Mobile provides application recommendation services, interest-based exchanges, and mobile games to its user communities. FL Mobile has over 106.9 million registered user accounts and 20.4 million monthly active user accounts at the end of December 31th 2013. According to the data published by the consulting company EnfoDesk © Analysis International,FL Mobile published the largest number of high-quality mobile games in China mobile game market in the first half of 2014, a total of 11 games ranking into iOS top 100 grossing list . At present, FL Mobile already successful publishing and operating "To Attack Cities and Capture Territories", “Snapped Three Kingdom", "Dragoon Warsong", "Soul Sword", "Chain Eleven", "The Strongest Fighting", "Go to the West", "Three Kingdom Maidens", "Fight Three Kingdom", "Where to go Wukong" and so on.

Bertrand Schmitt
CEO, Chairman & Co-founder, App Annie

Bertrand leads the charge at App Annie. He is a technology entrepreneur with 15 years of executive experience in the mobile, Internet and analytics space across Europe, US and Asia. Previously, he was VP Mobile for Gomez (web analytics) acquired in 2009 by Compuware for $295M, and before that he was COO and VP Marketing at Zandan (mobile analytics) acquired by Keynote Systems. Bertrand also held management and founder roles at Neocom Multimedia and Arkadia Netsystems. Bertrand holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a Master in Computer Science from ISEP, France. Outside of running tech companies, Bertrand is usually found trying out the latest gadgets and reading on his tablet.

Chunlei Wu
CEO&Founder, Beijing Pearl-in-Palm Information Technology Co., Ltd

Graduated from Nan Kai University in 1992, Mr. Wu had token the technique management responsibility in several global companies, i.e. Sun Micro-systems, AIA Everlasting, etc.. In 2003, together with several professional partners, Mr. Wu founded the Pearl-in-Palm, one of the pioneers of mobile Internet companies in China.

Hong Xiao
Honorary President, MGEA
CEO, Perfect World

Mr Xiao Joined The Perfect World in 2008 as Vice President, responsible for Human Resource and General Management. In March 2012, The Perfect World released a report to nominate Mr. Xiao as Chief Executive Officer. He gained BA of Physics from Tsinghua University in 1989, in 1991 and 1995, he earned Master and PhD degree of Engineering from University of Sothern California. From 2000 to 2008, he has worked at Cisco, Phillips and Dell.

Eric Yang
Chairman, Ourgame

Work Experience:
Chairman, Ourgame

CEO, Wild Wolf Investment Co. Ltd.
Held various senior executive positions at IBM as partner, IBM Global Business Services; General Manager, Industrial and Distribution Sectors, Business Process Outsourcing, Asia Pacific and Global Emerging Markets, etc.

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley
EMBA, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

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