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SVIEF Start-up Contest is a chapter of Silicon Valley Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) annual conference. Its main purpose is to cater to the needs of the rising start-up business, by bridging both US and China with efficient platform for communication and networking, beneficial innovative start-up environment and information sharing, diverse cross-strait partnership on technology, talent, capital, and market, etc., and integrate venture capital and high-tech industry.

The 5th SVIEF Start-up Contest Spring will be held on March 7th in Silicon Valley, and we are now accepting registration. SVIEF Start-up was successfully held four times since.

2011. This time the SVIEF Start-up includes 3 contest seasons, and the final around will be held at the 5th SVIEF conference. More than 50 qualified projects from the previous contests were settled in the technology centers throughout different cities in China with the help of the committee, and they got the financial and policy support from local government as well as the investment and support from top500 companies.

SVIEF Start-up Contest will still be the most important part of this year’s SVIEF Conference. We will build 10 startup star projects. Through the critiques from professionals and famous VP mentors of the presentations, the one-on-one VP meetings, and the promotions by different all kinds of medias, we will give our fully support to get enough investment and pave the road of development for the startup entrepreneurs.

Spring round: Startup Pitch for Top 20
Saturday, Mar 7, 2015 (1:00 PM to 6:00 PM)
Sofia University
1069 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA 94303 (Venue sponsor: Sofia University, for more information, please visit here)

Spring round: Startup Pitch for Top 10
Mid of June
Coming soon

Final Round: Top 10 Projects Demo
September 26th, 2015
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

SVIEF website: http://www.svief.org


  • The SVIEF Start-up will include Spring and Summer two preliminary contests and Autumn final round.
  • Spring season will a special game performance, and Chinese experts in this field will be the judge.
  • The top 3 complimentary start-ups will have the training chance by VC mentors from both US and China
  • Based on the registration, we will set up the “Most Popular Prize”, “Most Creative Price”, and “Best Product Prize” to help the participants to present their projects and make their dream come true.
  • Networking opportunity for valuable connections with the most influential business leaders from Top 500 companies through SVIEF Executives Club
  • Fully support top 10 projects through government policy support, VC investment, strategy cooperation with famous companies, local resources allocation and etc.
Judge/ Mentor Board (Listed in alphabetical order)

Scott Armanini
Corporate Innovation Executive,
Steve Blank's innovation
Brad Bao
Managing Director,
Kinzon Capital
Alan Chen
Emerging Business Investment,
Perfect World
Entertainment Inc.
David Chen
Saman Farid
US Representative,
Legend Star
Andrew Gu
Danhua Capital
Wei Guo
SV Angel
Steve Hoffman
Founders Space
Victor Huang
Founder & CEO,
Han Lai
Larry Li
Founding Partner,
zPark Capital
Alex Liang
Venture Partner,
SAIF Partners
Shirley Lin
Yong Liu
Venture Partner,
WI Harper
Vincent Ma
Founding Partner,
Alireza Masrour
Managing Partner,
Plug & Play Ventures
Han Shen
Formation 8
Jallon Wang
Game Chaguan
Alex Xu
Perfect World Entertainment Inc.
Hong Xue
Managing Partner,
Westlake Ventures
Sue Xu
zPark Capital
Toni Xu
Narvalous Inc.
Tiemin Zhao
Venture Partner,
IPV Capital

Prize & Reward:

    Qualified applicant projects (Up to 50)

  • 3 Passes for 2015 SVIEF Startup Summer Contest (Mid of June)
  • 3 Passes for 2015 SVIEF General Pass (SVIEF Startup Contest Finale passes included)

    Top 30 projects

  • 1 start-up booth on 2015 SVIEF exhibition hall
  • 5 Passes for 2015 SVIEF Startup Summer Contest (Mid of June)
  • 5 Passes for 2015 SVIEF General Pass (SVIEF Startup Contest Finale passes included)
  • Project presentation on 2015 SVIEF Startup Preliminary Contest commented by famous VC mentors
  • 3 complimentary start-up training by VC mentors from both US and China for investment, product design, market niche, and presentation skills, etc.
  • Opportunity to one-on-one VC Meeting

    In addition, Top 10 Projects will get

  • 10 Passes for 2015 SVIEF General (SVIEF Startup Contest Finale passes included)
  • 5 VIP pass to 2015 SVIEF, including US-China Night Cocktail Banquet
  • Project presentation on 2015 SVIEF Start-up Contest Finale commented by famous VC mentors One year SVIEF Innovators Club Membership
  • Opportunity to visit cities and high-tech parks in China to seek support and fund from China government





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