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Judy Chu

Congressmember, United States / Honorary Chairwoman, SVIEF

Vincent Ma

Founding Partner, basicVC


Founder & Managing, DBL Partners / Honorary Chairman, SVIEF

Meixing Ren

Operations Director, SMC


Founding chairman, Danhua Capital / Chairman, SVIEF

Steve Xue

CTO , Advantronics, Inc.

Iris Lei

Founder and Executive President, SVIEF

George Zhao

Principal, Manex Consulting


US China Technology Innovation Association (UCTIA)

It was established to promote business collaboration between China and U.S in the high-tech field. It is a public non-profit organization that was registered in the State of California, with the special purpose to support the leading high-tech communication platform- Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF). This alliance was formed by a group of high-tech professionals and entrepreneurs, and its mission is to promote high-tech innovation, talents and projects exchange as well as to foster communication and collaboration in high-tech, education and cultural fields. UCTIA currently organizes and supports large scale high-tech annual conferences, start-up contests, professional seminars and business matchmaking. It also hosts corporate and government delegations from both China and U.S.


SVIEF Business Club

It is launched on the foundation of SVIEF and is designed to provide an advanced networking experience for executives and entrepreneurs in high-tech industry to connect US and China. The club leads the industry, and offers industry events and workshops on monthly basis, to provide networking, capital, branding, and technology to its members. The club provides the individual membership and enterprise membership, both in standard level and premium level. For Individual members, the club monthly provides various events, business exchange and SVIEF service. For enterprise members, the club provides high-quality business networking, workshops, SVIEF service and advanced business investigations, along with the exclusive professional venture capital service.

All the membership is exclusively available to C level executives in high-tech companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives that are approved by the club committee, with their own project, start-up companies, or small business, to guarantee that the members can access connections to the most influential business leaders from top 500 companies between US and China. And with the resource from the club, we hope to leverage the some of the best practices and networks from accelerators, VC firms, and top tech companies in the spirit of Silicon Valley innovation, to create the most optimal platform for the development and success of entrepreneurs.


Zhongguancun Science Park

Takes Lead of the Mass Innovation Campaign, The Best Ecosystem for Innovation in China

Zhongguancun Inno Way

Zhongguancun Inno Way is the first street themed with innovation and startups in China. It is located in the west of Zhongguancun, surrounded by many famous universities, institutions and corporations like Perking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese international technique transferring center.

Inno Way had formed a service ecosystem for startups by the end of 2014, where 48 institutions could provide service for startups. These institutions had held over 1500 online and offline activities with more than 15,000 participants. And 1000 start-ups had been incubated into these institutions, including 100 groups of returnees. There were more than 2,500 Angel investors and organizations cooperating with these service companies. 480 startup teams had got financing support with an average of RMB 5 million by 2015. Among them, startups like Lagou, MomentCam got financing support of millions of dollars.

Institutions in Inno Way:
Cheku Cafe, 3W Coffee, 36Kr, Binggo Cafe, Legendstar, The Founder, Feimalv, Yan Ji You, Peking University Camp, AAMA, Angelcrunch, Lagou.com, IC Cafe, ChinaVenture.com, Tsinghua University Camp, JD.Com, SinoSprinkle(Beijing) Science & Technology Incubator, Beijing Zhongguancun Finance Group, ect.