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Since 2011, SVIEF has been the largest conference that fosters innovation and business partnership between China and the U.S. in Silicon Valley. The SVIEF 2015 has attracted nearly 10,000 attendees and over 150 exhibitors. During the conference, 20 finalists from the previous SVIEF Startup Contests gathered at the 5th SVIEF 2015 Startup Final Contest, showcasing their innovation abilities and business potential.


SVIEF is a leading high tech platform and business service company. It aims to build a professional platform-SVIEF-to promote the communication between the high tech industry in China and U.S.


SVIEF manages to maintain an advanced high tech social network by holding events like large-scale conference, monthly and weekly innovation & investment events as well as through online & mobile platforms; it facilitates information exchange as well as project investments in high tech industry; it provides an effective way and a privileged platform for Chinese high tech companies, startups and investors to march into the U.S. market.


With the dedication and experience in the high tech innovation industry accumulated over the past years, SVIEF has developed a mature business model and has built a professional team. SVIEF aims to build the top China-U.S. High Tech Innovation Service Platform and Business Service Platform.

ABOUT SVIEF Business Club


SVIEF Business Club aims to provide networking opportunities for executives and entrepreneurs in high-tech industry, to connect U.S. and China and to bring promising innovative high-tech products to members.


The Club is one of the leading organizations in the industry, holding events and workshops on a monthly basis, offering networking, capital, branding and technology opportunities to its members.



What to expect in 2016 SVIEF

  • VR/AR: 2016, the learning year of VR; polarization in VR products

  • Wearable: It’s all about fitness

  • Connect2Vehicle: Cross-industry collaboration to make it happen

  • Robots/AI: Smart learning and hit of drone

  • Crowdfunding: New regulation and better crowdfunding

  • Smart Home: Regroup of Smart Home

  • Big Data and Cloud Computing: The growing of Quantum Computing

  • Innovative Education: From online to offline, how can innovative education change our way of learning?

  • HealthTech: Health. Internet. Technology.

  • Agricultural Technology: How to adapt the fast growing technologies

  • Cyber Security: New safety concerns in a connected future

  • Digital Media Transformation: Platform, content, distribution-how will media react to the wave of digital transformation?