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SVIEF STAR Top15 list

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MORE Health, Inc. 【 Champion 】

MORE Health’s mission is to offer access to the best physicians in the world when they are needed the most; when you are faced with a critical, potentially life-changing illness, such as cancer or heart disease. Our vision is to become the virtual global hospital for serious illness, by providing the highest quality of diagnosis and treatment.

ZeroDB 【Second place 】

ZeroDB provides an encryption layer for Hadoop that enables enterprises to store and process data in the cloud while keeping their encryption keys and key management on-premise. The company’s primary customer base is composed of sensitive/regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, telecom, aqnd government. ZeroDB is a Y Combinator backed company.

Parnassus Medical Systems 【Third place 】

Parnassus Medical Systems is a Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven drug development company. Its proprietary Big Data, High Throughput platform – DrugX™ – rapidly generates a continual pipeline of promising candidates and targets, while the streamlined laboratory process provides assurance of accuracy and likely efficacy in treating diseases.


BlueJay Mobile Health is a mobile health company dedicated to equipping physical therapists, healthcare professionals, and patients with personalized mobile applications to enable effective care. Its product BlueJay Engage (previously BlueJay PT) enables providers to communicate with patients, collect outcome, and send personalized exercise videos to patient’s mobile devices. It is also the first virtual care technology for rehabilitation.

ElectrIQ Power

ElectrIQ Power has developed the IQ System, an all-in-one energy storage, monitoring, and home management system. The system uses artificial intelligence that looks at appliance behavior, weather data, utility data rates, and more to automate savings and optimize efficiency.


Enflux is a Y-Combinator backed technology startup. They created the world’s most affordable motion capture clothes that create real-time virtual animations of the human body. People will wear Enflux clothes for use in VR/AR, video games, sports, health care, film animation, and many other applications.


FeVR is a virtual reality content creator brand under Black Sails Technology. FeVR aims to deliver premium VR experiences through production and distribution of VR contents, as well as products and technology.


Gyant develops an intelligent health bot that can quickly gauge your symptoms and provide next steps — via a short Q&A chat. Now first step is to help people check whether their symptoms sound like Zika.


NVIGEN is committed to developing innovative nano-biomedical technology products that enhance life science research, diagnostics and treatment through nanoscale properties. Products serve more than $ 1 billion markets, including sample preparation for liquid biopsy, precision treatment of cancer and molecular immunodiagnostics.


Slightech are a group of inventors that enjoy working on smart wearable and connected home devices. They strive to engineer seamless system of hardware, software, and cloud services. Their main products are MYNT tracker and MYNT robot.

Taction Technology

By using patented, hi-fi tactile drivers, Taction delivers the feeling of live sound in a mobile platform, and brings a new realism to music, movies, games, and VR.


Vibronix develops optical & acoustic imaging and sensing technology for surgical guidance and diagnosis. Vibronix provide advanced imaging & sensor technologies for disease diagnosis and treatment. Specifically focus on the development of optical & acoustic technologies for surgical guidance.

Visbit Inc.

Visbit invented the world’s first scalable View-Optimized Streaming technology that can stream and play 4K to 8K resolution 360° VR videos over regular WiFi and LTE without heavy compression or noticeable latency, making virtual reality more cost-effective and consumer-ready.


WeHousing is a fast growing marketing and education service company, helping international students and scholars prepare to study and lead a delightful life in the United States, while providing marketing service to off-campus housing management companies. Founded in 2007 and based in Dublin, CA, World Elites has grown into the expert in student housing market among international students and scholars.


YONO Labs empowers people with solid data about their health. YONO’s first product is the revolutionary fertility in-ear wearable. YONO was featured on Good Morning America and named one of CNN Money’s Coolest Gadgets of 2015. YONO will, in the future, continue to offer new, cutting edge innovations with its small ear plug, including body temperature monitoring, heart rate data tracking, ovulation detection and sleep quality analysis.