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Amino Capital

Amino Capital is a venture firm based in Palo Alto, focusing on seed to growth-stage investments in big data, and data-driven technologies, including but not limited to IoT, medicine/genomics, AI/BI, drone/UAV, Fintech, security and infrastructure. The firm was founded in 2012 by a unique team of over 40 technology executives and innovators from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Tencent, Alibaba, U of Chicago, Stanford U, Tsinghua U and et al. Since inception, the firm has invested over 80 seed stage companies, following with additional investments in series A and B.

GEM Tech Ventures Fund

GEM Tech Ventures is an early stage investment fund, focusing on High-Tech industry. All GEM’s Limited Partners are the public companies listed in Chinese Growth Enterprises Market Board (a NASDAQ-type exchange for high-growth, high-tech companies in China). GEM is dedicated to sharing its institutional resources and strong industry connections to startups. In addition, GEM believes that its unique opportunities will not only help the startups extend their businesses to China, but also enjoy the benefit of high P/E in Chinese capital market.

IPV Capital

IPV Capital is the offshore, US dollar-denominated technology Venture Capital & Private Equity program of Infotech Capital, one of China’s leading technology-focused investment firms with approximately US$ 1.5 billion in assets under management. IPV/Infotech has invested in about 70 companies with over 20 liquidity events in combination of initial public offerings on global capital markets and trade sales.

IPV invests at all stages of a company’s development, from early stage through growth capital, as well as buyouts of mature, middle market public and private companies and divisions. We believe that companies at each of these stages can benefit from IPV’s China Value Acceleration model to become global category leaders.

IPV Capital invests in companies globally and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley.

NewGen Capital

NewGen Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm supporting entrepreneurs building globally disruptive, platform technologies and business models with potential to drive systemic change. NewGen Capital focuses on globally disruptive, transformative technologies and business models that have a high technology barrier and/or the ability to reach and retain billions of customers via mobile Internet. The firm’s connections into Asian markets provide growth advantages for partnerships and expansion

SAIC Capital

SAIC Capital is a corporate strategic investment fund based in 2882 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, California. SAIC Capital parent company is SAIC Motor Group. SAIC is the largest car manufacturer in China. GM and VW are our brand partners in China. SAIC Capital is a global fortune 500 companies ranked #46 in 2015. Since SAIC Capital started its first investment in July 2015, SAIC Capital have been actively investing in growth startup companies in automotive areas such as autonomous driving, new car energy, HMI, big data/analytics, VR/AR, and connected car technologies.

With SAIC Capital dominated market leadership positions, SAIC Capital portfolio companies enjoyed quickly market expansion into the China market.


As one of the most active angel investors in Silicon Valley, Guo Wei grows together with entrepreneurs, to help hundreds of startups in Silicon Valley. He is the investor that invests well-known Internet companies. Guo Wei’s famous investment includes Directly, After School, Transcriptic, Knightscope, Trustlook, Grubmarket, Betable, Everalbum, Cloudcade, Chariot, Matternet Rescale, etc. Guo Wei is also being as well-known venture capital institutions limited partners in Silicon Valley.

Westlake Ventures

Based in Silicon Valley, Westlake Ventures(WV) is an investment firm focusing on early stage technology start-ups, devoted to connecting resources from China and U.S. for entrepreneurship and investment.

WV was founded by Hangzhou government as a subsidiary of Hangzhou High-Tech Investment Management Ltd, a FoF (Fund of Fund) of nearly one hundred venture capital firms and enterprises, thus enjoying exclusive access to the in-house resources. WV works closely with big Chinese venture capital funds and multiple industry funds of public companies in China. Also, through strategic collaboration with the public companies and organizations of the related industries, WV seeks innovative projects for Hangzhou government and enterprises, connects with high-tech startups and financial institutions in U.S., shares with the stakeholders industry trends in Silicon Valley, and helps attract investment for start-ups.

Besides, WV adopts a new model to bring projects in, establishing “Hangzhou model” in the investment field that has become a new channel for Hangzhou’s innovation and internationalization. The business incubator enhances the connection among Hangzhou (including its towns), local enterprises, investment organizations and related resources in Silicon Valley, benefits Hangzhou’s strategy abroad, and provides a comprehensive platform for the internalization of enterprises in Hangzhou.

To date, WV has helped many innovative American enterprises set up branches in Hangzhou, adapt to local environment, and expand into China market.

Westsummit Capital

Westsummit Capital is a well-known global sovereign fund investment bases in Silicon Valley. Westsummit Capital based on rich experience in China domestic and global operations, is committed to develop and build a global leader in the industry. Westsummit Capital by national sovereign funds invested and set up full support is launched by the first focus on the growth of science and technology enterprises overseas private equity funds. Westsummit Capital has more than $400 million in total fund management scale, by Beijing, Silicon Valley, Dublin and Hong Kong’s international team.

WI Harper Group

WI Harper Group is a global leader in cross-border investing between the United States and Greater China. Founded in 1996 by Chinese venture capital pioneer Peter Liu, the firm has built a fully integrated platform dedicated to investing in the U.S and the Greater China market. WI Harper is a pioneer and helped shape the development of the venture capital ecosystem in Asia.

WI Harper oversees eight funds and manages $750M in invested capital through our dedicated professionals located in Beijing, Taipei, and San Francisco. To date, we have deployed capital into approximately 300 early-stage companies. Our relationship driven and hands on approach helps us to provide strong exits and consistently superior returns.

Since 1996, WI Harper has been a leader in U.S.-China cross-border investments, committed to promoting economic exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. As the oldest U.S.-China cross-border venture capital firm, WI Harper has been a dominant presence in Silicon Valley and shown stellar performances in innovative technological investments as well as M&A. For the last two decades, WI Harper has helped Chinese corporations, such as Lenovo, Huawei, Hainan Airlines, and China Life Insurance Company, with their overseas investments and M&A in the U.S. In addition, WI Harper has also guided a great number of Silicon Valley high-tech innovative companies into China, further contributing to WI Harper’s mission to enhance the bridge between the U.S. and China. For the foreseeable future, WI Harper will continue its commitment to strengthening U.S.-China cross-border investments as well as further contributing to the globalization of Chinese enterprises.


Established in 2014, SUVC is one of the leading venture/angel investment fund company in China, investment target focus on the Internet market of China and US. SUVC has successfully invested in 20 start-up companies in TMT, fintech, entertainment, AI and other industry with excellence growth.

Danhua Capital

Dan represents Stanford, Hua means China. Danhua Capital is a venture capital firm that invests primarily in early stage and growth stage companies, particularly those with a disruptive business model or technology, a sizeable market, and an excellent team. The firm’s areas of focus include AR/VR, artificial intelligence, mobile internet, big data, cloud computing, robotics and other disruptive technologies. Danhua’s investment team consolidates diverse talents and backgrounds, and the founding members have been working together for more than ten years, bringing together a unique combination of expertise in investment, academia, research, entrepreneurship, and capital markets. Danhua also has an extensive network in both Silicon Valley and China, as well as deep proprietary knowledge in cutting-edge technologies. Backed by top-notch institutional and strategic partners, Danhua aims to provide exceptional startups with a wide range of resources to help them thrive on a global scale.

Chuangjin Capital

Was founded in December 2014 by Beijing gem, chairman of the club and jointly established and Zhongguancun, Haidian district management committee, the fund size 521 million among them, 26 member unit investment 280 million yuan, the zhongguancun haidian park management committee investment 200 million yuan, the zhongguancun venture capital investment of 40 million yuan.Fund is now in place of 70%. After fund set up to carry out the business of professional investment, threw the first $5 million in February 2015, so far, the fund out ten projects in total, total amount is 345 million yuan, including direct investment sea DianQu four projects, investment 174 million yuan, the rest of the project are the basic of the listed companies pay tax registration or in haidian district, haidian district incubation or quasi integration of enterprises, to be cast after corporate profitability growth to a certain extent, can the independent IPO or injected into the listed companies.


FreeS Fund is a VC fund that invests primarily in early stage and growth stage companies in China and overseas, whose portfolio companies include Uber, Unity , 360 Security and Propel(x), among others. With around ¥ 3.6 billion AUM, FreeS fund focuses on the areas of consumption upgrade, enterprise service and deep technology.