Innovation Award Top30 list

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Innovation Award Top30 list

5D Robotics, Inc.

5D Robotics, Inc. (5D) is a software services company applying groundbreaking robotic innovations to make robots more intelligent and helpful. 5D offers highly innovative software that supports navigation, mapping and localization, search and detection, and dexterous mobile manipulation and various other robot behaviors for autonomous vehicles, unmanned ground and air vehicles.


BlueJay Mobile Health is a mobile health company dedicated to equipping physical therapists, healthcare professionals, and patients with personalized mobile applications to enable effective care. Its product BlueJay Engage (previously BlueJay PT) enables providers to communicate with patients, collect outcome, and send personalized exercise videos to patient’s mobile devices. It is also the first virtual care technology for rehabilitation.

DynoSense Corp.

DynoSense aims to be at the forefront of the change in the health industry that is rapidly shifting from reactive to preventive care demanded by cost conscious governments, corporations, and payers who are driven by changes in the health management and population demographic. Furthermore, health consumers in the age of digitalization and on-demand quality driven services are requiring more control and quality over their own health. Our comprehensive Health Relationship Management Services (HRMS) comprises of tools for physiological and behavioral health assessment system coupled with health management and engagement to optimally improve health.

Eyeris Technologies, Inc

Eyeris is the worldwide leader in Deep Learning-based face analytics and emotion recognition technology. The company’s computer vision AI products enable everyday cameras to read people’s facial micro-expressions in real time with unprecedented accuracy. Eyeris’ main verticals include Autonomous Vehicles for driver monitoring, and Social Robotics for enhanced Human-Robot Interactions (HRI).


Gyant develops an intelligent health bot that can quickly gauge your symptoms and provide next steps — via a short Q&A chat. Now first step is to help people check whether their symptoms sound like Zika.


Jibo is the world’s first social robot. It is friendly, helpful and intelligent. He can sense and respond, and learns as you engage with him.

Kiwi Technology

Kiwi creates a 3D AR camera which makes live filters on human faces Company introduction in Chinese.

Leap Motion

Truly immersive VR begins with your hands. Our technology senses how you naturally move your hands, so you can interact with virtual objects like you do in the real world.


The mission of LifeFoundry to substrantially expendite R&D and sighificantly reduce cost for synthetic biology. They have expertise in metabolic engineering, synthetic, and molecular biology, as well as extensive experience in building and operating automation systems.

M.Labs Inc

M.Labs Inc is a smart interactive platform development company that started from government-funded projects. Their current main development is mSTUV. mSTUV allows users to find information within a video.

MORE Health, Inc.

MORE Health’s mission is to offer access to the best physicians in the world when they are needed the most; when you are faced with a critical, potentially life-changing illness, such as cancer or heart disease. Our vision is to become the virtual global hospital for serious illness, by providing the highest quality of diagnosis and treatment.

Nod Labs

Nod communicates human intent. Their team experiments with new methods of tracking and translating movement. They’re inspired by the idea of a product so completely tuned to a person, it dissolves, leaving only experience behind. From virtual reality to drones and smart homes, Nod is redefining the way we converse with our machines.


Nonda helps you live simply, in a world that understands you. The company was founded in December 2014 in Palo Alto, CA, with the vision to build a global platform for smart devices. We craft high-quality smart devices and connected mobile apps that bring the power of IoT to solve your everyday problems. nonda has entered the IoT world through consumer connected car tech. Our first consumer connected car device, the ZUS Smart Car Charger, is ranked #1 by units sold after just 7 months on the market. In addition, in 2015 nonda won “The fastest growing startup” and “The 10 best smart hardware start-ups” in Silicon Valley, and in 2016 two of nonda’s products won famous iF & Red dot design awards.

Palo Alto Scientific

ProfileMyRun is a wearable device made by Palo Alto Scientific for amateur and professional runners and other sports players. It provides feedback to enhance performance and reduce injuries thanks to sensor fusion and deep learning algorithms. Personalized coaching is provided by a mobile application, a web dashboard and an AI engine in the cloud trained for sports analytics.


Prynt reimagines how we share digital content in the physical world with the first-ever smartphone printer/phone case. Pictures from Prynt have short video clips embedded inside so you can share your memories in a way that’s tangible and magical.


RealSilicon has established itself as a premier “System on Chip” Solutions Company with specialization in solving High Performance and Low Power design challenges. The company has to its credit over 20 Complex SoC / ASIC tape outs that is has rendered to the top 50 Semiconductor & Systems Companies. The company has architected solutions in the areas of Leakage Reduction, Near Threshold, Adaptive Speed and Fast Wake / Go-To sleep technologies. Some of these architecture are patented and some in the process. With these technologies RealSilicon is in a strong position to enable companies working in IoT, Wearables & AR/VR to realize their concepts in Silicon. RealSilicon is head quartered in Cupertino and has its engineering centre in Bangalore, India.

Shoobilee, Inc.

Shoobilee’s All-You-Can-Wear shoe subscription gives our members unlimited access to latest footwear trends with a charitable twist: the option to donate them to get the next new pair. Our goal is create a new way for shoe lovers to indulge themselves and always have a new pair to get excited about while empower them to give back to the community.


Founded in 2007, Sixense Entertainment, Inc. develops technology and software to deliver full-body “presence” in virtual reality for all head-mounted displays (both mobile and desktop). Sixense’s VR platform enables intuitive interaction with the virtual world, ensuring that the user always feels fully present in the experience, with the ability to move and use the hands naturally.


Sprimo is a personal, portable air purifier that is scientifically proven to be 50 times more effective and efficient than conventional air purifiers at removing pollution and particulates from the air.

Stratio, Inc.

Stratio, Inc. was founded by four Stanford Electrical Engineering PhDs with the mission of bringing infrared vision to the mass market. Stratio is developing an innovative, low-cost shortwave infrared (SWIR) image sensor and a handheld, smartphone-compatible spectrometer called LinkSquare. The first application for LinkSquare is medication identification, with the aim of protecting against counterfeits and preventing dangerous mix-ups.

Taction Technology

By using patented, hi-fi tactile drivers, Taction delivers the feeling of live sound in a mobile platform, and brings a new realism to music, movies, games, and VR.

Triple W

They have been developing a toilet timing predicting wearable device. This improve patients and reduce the labor of caregivers and cost of diaper.

uSens Inc.

Founded in 2013, San Jose-based uSens, Inc. closes the gap between Virtual Reality and the real world. The pioneering ARVR software company provides inside-out, 26DOF hand and 6DOF head position tracking technologies for Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. With domain expertise in 3D HCI technology, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, uSens is leading the industry to achieve Super Reality, a truly immersive and natural ARVR experience.

Visbit Inc.

Visbit invented the world’s first scalable View-Optimized Streaming technology that can stream and play 4K to 8K resolution 360° VR videos over regular WiFi and LTE without heavy compression or noticeable latency, making virtual reality more cost-effective and consumer-ready.

Vode Media

Vode Media is a San Francisco Bay Area based full service video production company specialized in 360° VR video contents.


WaterBit delivers the highest granularity sensing and control systems for precision agriculture at the lowest cost. Based on fundamental sensor physics, connected to IoT networking systems and cloud applications, WaterBit solutions are easy to acquire, install and use for precision agriculture needs.


WeHousing is a fast growing marketing and education service company, helping international students and scholars prepare to study and lead a delightful life in the United States, while providing marketing service to off-campus housing management companies. Founded in 2007 and based in Dublin, CA, World Elites has grown into the expert in student housing market among international students and scholars.

YONO Health

YONO Labs empowers people with solid data about their health. YONO’s first product is the revolutionary fertility in-ear wearable. YONO was featured on Good Morning America and named one of CNN Money’s Coolest Gadgets of 2015. YONO will, in the future, continue to offer new, cutting edge innovations with its small earbud, including body temperature monitoring, heart rate data tracking, ovulation detection and sleep quality analysis.


ZeroDB provides an encryption layer for Hadoop that enables enterprises to store and process data in the cloud while keeping their encryption keys and key management on-premise. The company’s primary customer base is composed of sensitive/regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, telecom, aqnd government. ZeroDB is a Y Combinator backed company.