Expo list

3Dazer is a professional workflow platform for interior designers, which including mobile App, cloud tools and platform as well as special invented measure device. The platform enable designers either work on mobile to do measurements, labels and sketches or work on the platform with desktop to design, source, manage projects and share relating information with clients and co-workers.

5D Robotics, Inc. is a software services company applying groundbreaking robotic innovations to make robots more intelligent and helpful. 5D offers highly innovative software that supports navigation, mapping, localization, search, detection, and dexterous mobile manipulation alto a lot of other robot behaviors for autonomous vehicles, unmanned ground and air vehicles.

65 Max Apparel, an entertainment company that offers a variety of hip/hop music and specialize in our own Apparel ware and accessories.

Adventure Bucket List is an enterprise SaaS & e-commerce engine for travel destinations. ABL works with Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) around the world to empower regions and in some cases nations, to bring their offerings online and bookable. All the excursion vendors and alternative accommodations are provided with the SaaS & e-commerce and their inventory is then shared on a dedicated destination marketplace and app.

Alsen use AI to help organizations with large buildings to reduce their heating and cooling energy consumption by an average of 30% while significantly improving user's comfort. We built a platform that combines sensors to measure occupancy, a Comfort app that allows users to let the system know about their thermal preferences and with machine learning algorism the system predicts future occupancy and user's comfort. We use this information to close the loop and set optimal heating and cooling set points.

AmbyGear is the first Internet of Kids device that combines safety and fun in a purpose built smartwatch. AmbyGear SmartWatch helps keep children safe.

Artveoli is a hardware startup in the digital appliances space making artistic air panels that make fresh air indoors. Artveoli is disrupting the ventilation and air quality management industry by reducing the need to bring in fresh air from outside, which uses a lot of energy for heating, cooling and cleaning the air. People spend over 90% of their time indoors, and poor indoor air quality affects health, productivity and comfort. Artveoli Air Panel systems are flat, connected, with modern design that remove excess buildup of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and convert it into Oxygen, improving indoor air quality in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other closed environments.

Opensports.io is a new comprehensive platform encompassing open sensors, open APIs and open cloud analytics for all sports. The opensports.io cloud platform features a rich set of machine learning algorithms and databases allowing to apply sensor fusion and measure, track activity and detect specific behaviors in sport players.

BeeCloud is the leading provider of aggregated payment solutions. Base on integrated API/SDK, Enterprise can fast accomplish the payment feature without many coding .In addition, through the SaaS management platform to help companies manage the daily transaction flow, multi dimensional monitoring of the enterprise schedule management status, to provide operational and marketing decision analysis.

Bend Labs develop patented soft sensor techonology will be a critical solution for bringing human motion to the digital world in the coming decade. The application of this technology spans a large number of product opportunities within a number of markets, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), medical devices, athletic apparel and industrial applications. Our core technology is comprised of our low profile and low power soft silicone bending sensors, which can measure bending in multiple directions and spatially distinct regions. In addition to measuring bending our core technology can also be configured to measure stretching and pressure.

BioInspira harnesses biology to provide real-time chemical leak detection by utilizing remote sensor networks. Our first product is a sensor-enabled detection grid for natural gas leaks, providing real-time and remote monitoring to allow the natural gas industry to recoup significant portion of the annual $5B value of natural gas leaking from its infrastructure.

BioVirtua solves a critical gap in the access, quality, and experience of healthcare. Our augmented reality platform redefines virtual care through holographic encounters and streaming healthcare analytics. The ability to remotely and organically assess full 3D human gait allows the provider to have a higher throughput of visits, resulting in an increased coverage of care. Biovirtua also collects full recordings of holographic encounters, and invaluable insights from 3D Geospatial patient data.

Blemed is a company that develops and operates health-related products for the field of electrophysiology, rehabilitation and brain-computer interface.

BloomSky is a global network of smart weather camera stations. The networks provide real-time, situational awareness of the weather at a highly-granular level. The weather stations transmit highly-accurate temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall data accompanied with HD images of the sky. By crowdsourcing local weather conditions, it enables you to view, observe, share and exchange information in real-time at locations that matter most. Our community of user interaction contributes accurate, on demand weather information that impacts lifestyles, jobs and activities.

Bluegogo positioning their company as "light movement" brand. Bluegogo stressed the sharing of bicycle safety issues, cycling strength test. Bluegogo use of aluminum alloy, ergonomic adjustable seats, quick release is very flexible, the strength of the girls can also adjust the level of the seat. Bluegogo unlock speed is very fast, in the use of APP scan two-dimensional code, three seconds will be able to unlock the bike at 0.5 yuan / half an hour.

Bright Future is committed to creating the world's leading mobile Internet products for global users. Bright Future now owns SnapTube, Lark Player and other products that are popular with customers in emerging markets around the world.

Butterfleye is a smart home monitoring camera that gives you peace of mind while you're away, with real-time notifications about activity it detects.

CoContest disrupts the architectural market by connecting architects and customers from all over the world. With CoContest today customers can obtain dozens of different projects from designers registered on CoContest, at a fraction of the price of traditional designers, and in a short time frame. In this way a larger segment of customers can now approach to this service, receiving a plural and multicultural offer.

Cocoon Cam is a remote camera using computer vision to monitor health remotely. The first application of Cocoon Cam’s technology is a next generation baby monitor that detects a baby’s vitals purely by passively collecting a video feed from the baby monitor and analyzing the data in the cloud. Parents are provided with longitudinal data as well as alerts.

ConceptDrop matches organizations with professional talent through a digital marketplace and resource allocation software.

Crazybaby is an innovative brand for science and technology, design and lifestyle. It's committed to creating the futuristic lifestyle for personal equipment, software services and networking ecology. Products follow the simple and pure industrial design concept, manufacture world-class products and creates an IoT ecosystem.

CrazyLister abstracts sales channels, making eCommerce 100 times easier for retailers, berating retailers from the need to master marketplaces, webstores, social-media, newsletters, Adwords, banners etc.

CrocPond is a children's Animation Company, a children's media company that educates children about the principles of life. It provides a wonderful way for parents and their children to connect and exchange learning experience to facilitate a child's growth and knowledge learning.

DARMA has the world's leading vital signs monitoring technology - fiber optic sensing technology and is committed to providing continuous, convenient and accurate health monitoring and data analysis services.

Doublewell network intelligent robot serves children from 2 to 12 years old. It not only creates scenes for Chinese and English communication and human-computer interaction, but also help parents achieve Remote monitoring through mobile phone App with robot connection and face recognition technology.

DynoSense's device is called DynoSensor, which can measure electrocardiogram and pulmonary plethysmography(PPM), blood pressure changes, hydration levels, sleep, body temperature and activity. The device can capture 33 key health indicators through a user activity within 60 seconds. After the data is collected, the device uploads the data to the cloud platform for analysis and sends it to the healthcare team. Users can access these data via mobile devices, set their own personalized warning levels, and share data to family members and caregivers.

Ecomo is the world's first portable real-time online water quality testing device based on a variety of micro-sensors to quickly detect total organic carbon (TOC), total dissolved solids (TDS), turbidity, and other water quality indicators.

Emokit can be used to identify emotions according to speech, heart rate, expression, handwriting and so on. It can be applied for mobile APP, wearing equipment, car equipment, voice interaction, robot, smart home, and so on.

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is the first in-home vision testing solution to combine a cloud-based technology platform, a smartphone application, and a miniature optical scope to form a low-cost, uniquely precise option for people to gather corrective vision measurements whenever and wherever they choose..

Lulleep is a smart eye mask for human's deep relaxation phisically and mentally. It senses brain activities to understand mind states and provides personalized bio feedback for inducing deep resting. Smart eye mask is a wearable device for face.

Gogohire helps fast-growing companies to identify top salespeople to recruit the best sales talent. It helps avoid high cost and repeated back and forth work on the basis of the headhunters and provide the same high-quality talent.

Grindbit is a headband aids users in tracking their teeth grinding patterns at night.Grindbit uses EMG muscle sensor at the temple area, which is able to detect the muscle movements of biting. The device will be able to detect how hard, how often and which side user is grinding their teeth. When clenching and grinding occurs, the muscle sensor would send data over to the phone over BLE. User can try to wake up when they are grinding too hard or too often to prevent further damage on their teeth, they can also use the data to see if they can change any behaviors to grind less, such as more exercise during the day or change sleep position.

Holojam is a platform that works with AR & VR headsets to create social mixed reality experiences for groups of people in the same location.

Homey creates software that allows exhibitors to run mixed reality (virtual reality, augmented reality) without the need for high-level technical expertise.

Huanyu specializes in providing intelligent, networked intelligent traffic / intelligent automotive system solutions and automatic driving controllers, stereoscopic cameras and other core products..

ICON Home is a new generation of intelligent home touch screen, combined with the intelligent thermostat flat panel function, the use of exclusive patented multi-sensor technology, data from the cloud and data exchange between applications to achieve Internet of things interaction, and integration of third-party community services Andrews app and smart home products, the ICON Home custom into the wisdom of the family indispensable "brain".

iHear Medical is a one-stop hearing aid solution for hearing loss. The product includes accurate self-help hearing tests, online fitting tools and remote realization of hearing aid fitting and customer technical support.

Imagine media is a media company focuses on the depth of the video produced by the Internet culture, invested by Dr. Kai-fu Lee. The main works are series documentary "dreamer," "born for the media" "innovation in China" and so on.

Inboard Technology created the M1: a connected electric skateboard that redefines its category by hiding motors in the wheels & a swappable battery in the deck. This allows range up to 16km & speeds of 38 km/h while maintaining the style of a standard skateboard.

Jist.tv uses machine learning and computer vision technology to create an unique enjoyable platform for gamers.

Kiwi Technology specializes on enabling and monetizing on consumer products with detecting and tracking technology, 3D graphics and visual effects.

Kootour offers special tourist line customization, artificial intelligence customer service, reverse pricing of tourists, guided tours of the auction set, full intelligent private butler service for tourists who want traveling to North America, Europe and Australia.

LADA CUBE provides demountable walls that exactly like traditionally built walls, but with the added benefits of enormous cost saving while offering maximum flexibility and creative design freedom. LADA CUBE is a unique wall system engineered from the ground up as a solution to sustainable interior and exterior construction.

SAFER is a smart safety device, which can be used to trigger alarm and send signals to pre-identified phone numbers in case of emergency. SAFER works on Bluetooth low energy and thus works in coordination with the “SAFER by Leaf” app on the user’s smartphone. The device can be used as smart jewellery.

Loop is a new communication device and smart screen for the home. It's voice controlled and allows people to dynamically add channels of streaming content that are created by themselves or others in the Loop community.

MAD Gaze Ltd. is specialized in research and development of augmented reality (AR) software and devices. The Company developed and launched MAD Gaze smart glasses and its ecosystem in 2015.

MATMED SCIENCE provides a platform to design "customized stent" for each individual patient through advanced 3D image recognition and embedded FEA simulation based on a cloud-based service with data analysis capability. The customized stent's drawing will transfer to 3D printing manufacture in order to make stent for patient in a fast and convenient manner.

Medinas is building a machine learning based platform to help connect surplus medical supplies with secondary market buyers. Our goal is to build a platform that has no contract, frictionless adoption that can help hospitals list their surplus. This will help identify existing buying patterns to help facilitate the bidding and sale of these secondary market supplies to other in-network hospitals and independent practices.

MORE Health uses cloud service to integrate US high-end medical resources and is committed to provide the most advanced medical services.

Nav Magic uses Artificial Intelligence technology for semantic segmentation of clouds data, and provide High-Definition maps for autonomous driving.

Nod Labs delivers gesture control and motion tracking products with the power, precision, and ergonomic design required for true interaction and immersion in VR, AR, and other applications. With deep expertise in computer vision, sensor fusion, and haptics, our customizable software and hardware solutions flawlessly capture and communicate human intent.

Okio is building a two-way voice message link between parents and their children. Connect with your kids anytime, anywhere.

Olark is a live chat platform that enables businesses to talk to customers browsing their website. Olark reveals who’s on your website and exactly what they are doing, even see what’s in their shopping cart. Olark Live Chat makes it easy to increase your sales using the power of live chat. You can offer upsells and special offers based on what they’re buying.

Sub Horizon - PanguVR provides diverse computer vision and VR srevices. The self-developed cloud rendering engine for VR and the technology for intelligent conversion of 3D data tremendously reduce the production cost for VR scenario creation.

Pixel Press is a technology company focused on building engaging gaming experiences for both sides of the brain: the analytical left side and the creative right side. Our products are fun for all ages, and flexible enough for many applications. Our “build your own video game” technology platform integrates physical and digital play, adding new dimension to toys and video games, educational content, traditional storybooks and other entertainment mediums.

Opensports.io is a new comprehensive platform encompassing open sensors, open APIs and open cloud analytics for all sports. The opensports.io cloud platform features a rich set of machine learning algorithms and databases allowing to apply sensor fusion and measure, track activity and detect specific behaviors in sport players.

Hydrogen can be seen as the most promising clean energy for the 21st century. QDD Solar, LLC dedicated to solar hydrogen research for 12 years, has created or optimized a series of technologies for the production of hydrogen by solar water.

Qysea Technology Co., Ltd is committed to applying innovative technology to open a new era for underwater exploration. Through virtual reality, live video streaming and interactive community, we are building a social platform for marine content. QYsea focuses on the development and breakthrough for underwater robots. We own our core technology and algorithm, from key component design, robot system design, footage data collection, cloud data processing to terminal application.

RainRobot works on solving water and food problems for the future urban cities, solving tangile challenges that we face today. RainRobot 6400 and drip kit is a cloud-connected smart water timer that allows smartphone-based remote control, rain-delay-based weather forecast, and precise control of watering schedule down to the minute. RainRobot can help users save as much as 70% of water for regular lawn watering and pays for itself easily. RainRobot 910 is a series of smart hydroponics herb and vegetable growing machines that make growing organic vegetables and herbs on your countertops a breeze, and twice as fast as well.

RayVio Corp. is an advanced health and hygiene company that delivers clean water and environments. Its powerful and efficient UV LED technology can be integrated into a variety of applications, powering versatile on-demand solutions that give consumers control over health without chemicals or costly consumables. RayVio also invented Ellie - the world’s first portable, digital UV LED technology baby products sterilizer that eradicates germs with 99.9% efficacy.

Relimetrics is developing computer vision and machine learning solutions to inspect and monitor material quality, reliability and manufacturing processes.

RIoT Solutions, Inc has created the first and only non-contact wellness and sleep tracker. This patent-pending product tracks respiration rate with an accuracy of 96% without putting anything on the baby’s body. Our AI algorithms learn from the health data and are capable of providing sleep intelligence to aid it the management of various conditions like sleep apnea, senior care and respiratory illnesses- equivalent to a market of $400B in 2016.

Robo Industries Inc., is a startup company that dedicates to provide artificial intelligence (AI) based control solution for heavy equipment fully autonomous operation. It can convert existing machines into fully autonomous robots with plug-n-play design to provide self-driving, precise and automatic implement unit control, situational awareness and deep machine learning, and many other capabilities that can increase your productivity by 63%. It also provides multi-level and full range of safety coverage with reliable obstacle detection, collision avoidance, emergency warning and stop, control aliveness check, run-time machine health monitoring

Robotics Educational Team is a driving force of the RoboTerra product. They are responsible for figuring out what courses to teach, building high quality courses, and giving students the tools to integrate their engineering thinking and problem solving skills. The bedrocks of the group are the robotics curriculum specialists, who creates the curriculum that is used by middle and high school robotics learners. RoboTerra is a robotics educational company that educates robotics for people with no pre-knowledge, inspires creativity through robotics building hardware, coding platform on the cloud and systematic Project-Based Learning curriculum. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, RoboTerra has 3 branches in China(Beijing/Shanghai/Xi’an)and has a global team of over 50 employees.

Seed Education is committed to providing professional North American foreign language courses and a cognitive experience beyond the expectations of our domestic institutions and schools.

Selvz develops video software technologies and solutions that enable businesses, brands and organizations to extend and expand their video service offering to the Virtual Reality, offering their customers high quality viewing of 2D, 3D, and 360-degree video programming formats inside custom branded virtual media environments.

Sereneti has spent the past year building autonomous cooking software in addition to the robotic device that it built back in 2015. The robotic device has autonomous functionality and uses AI to figure out how to cook ingredients in a given pot.

ShareG is a mobile app that allows users to share their unused cellular data with anyone and borrow data on the go. With our Mobile Data on-demand platform, we are eliminating confusing data plans and introducing on-demand data sessions. Communications is undergoing trials with mobile carriers in the US and Europe.

Ludlow is a machine learning API that powers content distribution, and recommends what content is most relevant and for whom, & seamlessly delivering it. The Ludlow ML MVP will focus around newsletter content - both for enterprise and SaaS integration. Ludlow.io is being developed by SWARM, a digital product studio.

TARA.AI is the intelligent product builder, managing software builds from start to finish. Deploy on-demand developers, automatically scope your project and build task lists all through one platform.TARA makes project management easy. From finding talent to preventing scope creep, TARA uses a combination of AI and talented people to support your goals.

Telepresence Robotics Corporation (TRC) is building a cloud connected robot platform to open the personal and commercial robot marketplace to the 21M software developers in the world. This makes it practical for Enterprise I.T. departments to develop and deploy business robot projects. The TRC Robot App Store will be the first digital distribution network to allow end-users and I.T. administrators to download and integrate new Robot Apps into TRC-compatible™ robots and cloud services, and purchase plug-and-play hardware accessories from 3rd party developers. This will make it economically practical for robot app developers to target niche markets along with targeting add-on Apps or services for the future installed base.

The One platform leverages different types of artificial intelligences to measure, test and collect data from the live market feedbacks and adjust, mutate and bid on the most relevant platform for the maximize conversion. The core product of The One is having machine to learn the behaviors of different platforms and customers with deep neural network, adversarial algorithms and Q learning to rank different platform relevance. In short, this is the Google for ads.

Catheter Related Blood Stream Infection (CRBSI) has been an unmet clinical need for a long time. It counts on 20% of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) and its mortality rate is 35%. Once occurred, per case cost will rise up to tens of thousands USD, which is not reimbursable. A series of novel devices for CRBSI prevention with IPs covering major global markets are invented based on disruptive technological principles. With these devices, CRBSI is effectively prevented and the procedures gracefully provide total solutions for CDC guideline of CRBSI prevention. Extended applications of the device series could be: neonatal umbilicus care, non-invasive wound closure, and chronic wound care.

Togic provides rich, simple, intelligent and user-centered home entertainment system for household smart TV through its television- and mobile-based application. The company is mainly focused on providing more visual experiences for home internet TV users. Togic Video broadcasts hundreds of domestic channels, a vast number of high-definition movies, and many TV series on demand. This application received favorable comments from millions of users.

TranslateNow delivers innovative language solutions to drive international revenue for companies in the US and China. Specialties include high-impact translation & localization, multilingual WeChat sales & support and global brand development. Since our founding in May 2016, we've quickly built out three separate but interrelated business units; TranslateNow, WeChatNow, and BrandNow.

TronMedi provides more efficient medical solution for cancer diagnose and treatment at low cost medical devices and tools. By distributing these devices and tools, patients' documents and slides will be able to be examined remotely by our cloud based diagnose system. By using these cloud based diagnose system, patients will be able to get their health reports faster, more accurate and at a lower cost. Doctors will be released from location and equipment. Also, by the help of our artificial intelligence diagnose system, doctor will be able to get 90% of the pre-diagnose data automatically through machine learning algorithm.

Tuse makes communications technologies available in places with little to no signal through the deployment of wireless mesh networks. A wireless mesh network is a communications network created through the connection of wireless access points at or near a user's locale. The networking infrastructure is decentralized and simplified because each node need only transmit as far as the next node.

UFACTORY is a tech start-up that had created the world's first desktop robotic arm, the uArm. UFACTORY has also devoted itself to create innovative robot arms. In the early stage of UFACTORY team. The uArm has been sold to 60 countries, throughout North America, Europe, India and Southeast Asia. UFACTROY will create not only a tool for you but also a robot assistant of yours..

Vimo Labs technology automatically recognizes and identifies movements. Our motion gesture recognition software is flexible and may be used to accurately track single gestures, repetitive movements, and performance or form analysis.We utilize proprietary algorithms and machine learning to create a personalized profile for each unique user. Our technology is constantly evolving with every user's movements to provide the best experience possible.

Virt is building 360-degree video robots to create virtual walkthroughs of real world businesses. This is the quickest, cheapest, and most immersive way to create a virtual tour for real estate, retail, hospitality, and more.

Vode Media is a full service virtual reality production company. We focus on providing, capturing, producing, live streaming and broadcasting high definition virtual reality content.

Waijule is an online residential real estate site for home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professionals. It lists properties of the United States for sale and rent as well as tools and information needed to be successful in the home search process. The company has offices in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City.

Waygum Inc. designs and develops an industrial level mobile development platform which allows users to build and deploy Internet of Industrial things integrated mobile applications.

Vue is the world's first multi-functional and daily-wearable fashion smart glasses. Vue uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound to the user's ear, where user can listen to the music, receive calls, or listen to all kinds of information notifications. In addition, Vue can track user steps and motion information. Vue can be chaged by putting it into the glasses box.

Xiantong Technology is a pioneer in artificial intelligence research and innovation, who focuses on providing hi-tech products and solutions of world-class image recognition calculation and depth vision to build a safer, faster and healthier world.

XinYou technology focuses on large-scale, high-quality gaming development and operation, spcially on the next generation of game products( LBS&AR&VR) and other value-added services. It's also the establishment of high profit R&D and publishing game company. One of its product Matrix, is a large-scale off-line mobile game based on LBS & AR, targeting users form Ingress and PokemonGO to achieve real world cross-regional competition, and to form an LBS-based online community.

ASI develops technology to make ground vehicles autonomous. We focus on solutions for the mining industry, agriculture industry, automotive testing industry, security industry and others.

Biggerpan develops a predictive artificial intelligence that anticipates people's needs based on a real-time analysis of their Internet navigation. Embedded in a web browser, the technology surfaces the most relevant information and purchases related to the context of their current page. Particularly useful on a mobile device, it removes the pain of browsing the web on a smartphone and improves the conversion rate of mobile ecommerce. Biggerpan recently introduced the technology in its own smart mobile browser Ulli, paving the way for a seamless one-tap shopping experience. The concept was featured as Best of Startup Alley at the Crunchies Awards 2016, then Ulli got nominated 2016 Mobile App of the Year by Product Hunt and was named Top Emerging Tech by GSMA at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Biggerpan was recently approached by the largest smartphone manufacturers and carriers worldwide who are interested in integrating its breakthrough AI technology on their devices because of its ability to generate substantial affiliate revenue.

Zhisheng Technology Lt occupies a land of 360 acres, with a manufature area of 220,000 square meters, focusing on the high-tech production as well as the R&D in textile industry. The company's technical team developed a new textile machine/production line with 4 years unremitting effort. This award-winning technology has 25 patents. The new production process saved 70% of the Labor and 50% of electricity comparing with the ordinary process. The main product specifications are 3 times higher than the national standard.

ACTON focuses on connected smart transportation and social sharing devices. Target users are millennial college students and young professionals. Live in the moment, we deliver what they are looking for on transportation and sharing needs.

Humtap enables users to create and share music – across sectors and on the fly.A.I. bridges the gap between your creativity and producing pro quality music.

Drones are truly exciting and revolutionary technology. They allow unprecedented mobility, unconstrained by gravity. FreeSkies aims to make aerial data capture simple and accessible to everyone through a simple mobile application. It is THE autonomous software solution for drones. Our flagship software, the FreeSkies CoPilot, is capable of autonomous and manual flight, automated flight paths, simple launch and landing capabilities, and flight stability, allowing you to get the most unique shot every time, at a tenth of the cost, without the use of cranes, tracks, and dollies.

Our vision is to make gene and cell therapy safe, precise, easy to use and fast. In 2015, one-year-old girl, Layla became cancer free due to a gene editing technology that was used for a cell therapy trial in UK. She received programmed immune T-cells from a healthy donor. These cells were engineered by deleting and introducing modified genes into the genome using "molecular scissors" type gene editing technology called TALEN. Moreover with the recent advancements made possible using CRISPR-Cas technology, genome editing can be done with unprecedented precision, efficiency, and flexibility targeted toward therapeutics. Nonetheless, the primary mode of delivering such gene editing molecules is using viruses or hi-voltage electric field which poses incredible challenges across different cell types. Therefore, one of our primary goals it to use our KAREL technology to standardize such delivery on an industrial scale by coating such molecules onto our array of precisely controlled nanoneedles. This will deliver such programmed molecules into massive array of single cells using individually controlled nanoneedles in a highly targeted manner. With such a massive scale non-viral mechanical delivery, we expect to solve the delivery issue for ex vivo cell and gene therapy that will be a big leap toward personalized medicine. We are primarily addressing two major problems, briefly discussed above: PROBLEM 1: Viruses used to program cells for transplant into the body provoke undesirable immune response, may cause cancer as viral DNA integrates into the human genome, involve costly production and lengthy protocols and can only be used once. The first gene therapy drug, Glybera, costing $1.2 Million is considered a commercial failure. PROBLEM 2: Replacing viruses with electroporation, that uses high-voltage electric fields can still damage the cells and sensitive payload. And there is no control over the delivery and is mostly inconsistent. The FDA discourages its use for clinical cell therapy. Our major target market is the clinical cell and gene therapy companies using viruses to achieve ex vivo immunotherapy. Nonetheless, our initial target market that does not involve FDA is the R&D labs in biopharma and drug companies, Contract Research/Manufacturing Organizations and Universities that does transgenics, high throughput molecule screening, gene editing etc.

NuCypher is a data-centric, zero-trust security and encryption platform for big data. By embedding access policies directly into encryption, NuCypher’s data-centric encryption follows data wherever it goes: across platforms (Hadoop, Kafka, Spark) and between on-premise and cloud environments. It’s used by enterprises seeking to: Move big data storage and compute to the cloud, while keeping encryption keys on-premise Enable inter- and cross-organizational granular sharing of data in a secure and auditable way based on existing AD/LDAP/Kerberos access policiesBring big data projects into compliance with internal security policies and regulatory requirements, including PCI, HIPAA, and GDPRWhether compute is happening in isolated, controlled networks or distributed, ubiquitous environments, no network is truly secure and modern enterprises must architect their systems under the assumption that any component can be compromised at any time. Modern infrastructures are massively complex, with vulnerabilities that will eventually be exploited. Responsible enterprises must act as if they’ve already been compromised and adopt a zero trust security model. NuCypher is leading the charge.

PassGo is a new password scheme designed specially for touch screen. Compared to password, PassGo is easier to enter and much more secure. Once widely accepted by global users, PassGo can significantly improve the overall security of the whole human being.

WeHousing is the largest student apartment booking website in USA; and it is also the leader of self-run apartments. Launched in 2012, it has delivered over 10,000 leases with over $60M leasing value. It features exclusive discount, international payment (RMB and $) capability, English/Chinese language, and online application system. WeHousing introduced self-run apartments program in 2017, and become the front runner in this field.