Brent Gorda Managing Director, CEO Quest

Brent Gorda is a Managing Director at CEO Quest, the premier Silicon Valley-based expert advisory group for tech CEOs. Previous to this recent role, Brent was the General Manager for Intel’s High Performance Data Division and served on the advisory board for the SC conference series (previously Supercomputing). He is a technically savvy entrepreneur with a history of successful projects. The most recent being Whamcloud, a Big-Data/Storage software startup he founded and was subsequently acquired by Intel.

Brent brings more than 25 years technology implementation and leadership experience to the challenges of high technology solutions to meet today’s business needs. His previous successes in technical & executive leadership roles range across new business models on the Internet, new hardware architectures for technical computing as software solutions up and down the stack. He participated in the shift from vector to parallel computing in the early 90’s. In the mid-90’s he worked on the first Java compiler shipped by Sun Microsystems.

Brent holds a BSc. in Computing Sciences from the University of Alberta and has PhD studies in Computing Sciences at the University of California at Davis.