Haohao Xu Director of Tencent WeStart International Business

Haohao Xu received her BS in English Broadcasting and Anchoring from Communication University of China in 2006, studied in University of Missouri School of Journalism and got Master degree in Communication from Zhejiang University. Ms. Xu is currently the director of Tencent WeStart international business, responsible for overall business strategy planning and execution.

With a decade experience working in the media, Ms. Xu was the Marketing Director, TV Producer and bilingual anchorwoman of Zhejiang TV with extensive international media operating experience. With Superb language and cultural background for international media projects and profound resources in media, startup, investment, she led the only overseas TV feature program Global Chinese in Zhejiang province, shooting over 400 overseas Chinese elites in more than 13 countries and regions.

Representing China and the province in a good number of national campaigns and international events.