Henry Shi Funding Partner, Redstone Capital

As one of “Top 100 Technology Investors in China” in 2014 and 2015, he made prospectively quite a few well known investments, two of which have returns of thousands times. He is a domain expert in computer, telecom, and VLSI and was a successful entrepreneur in Internet and cell phone industry. He is founder of Redstone Capital, one of “Top 60 Best Technology VC Firms in China” in 2014 and “Top 100 Internet + Technology VC Firms in China” in 2015. Redstone is a high return boutique fund known for providing industry resources and deep help to the invested. He is a member of ZhongGuanCun Angel Investor 100 Club and a mentor of ZhongGuanCun Angel Investor Camp. He is EVP of Entrepreneur Association of WRSA, board member of Education Foundation of Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences, EMBA adjunct professor/entrepreneurship mentor at Columbia, Beijing Univ., BUPT, Microsoft, China Telecom, SVIEF et.al..

He was CEO of China’s earliest CDMA cell-phone company, chairman of TD Industry Alliance, and received “50 Outstanding Asian American Entrepreneurs” award. He co-founded a cloud service company and sold it to Paul Allen’s public company, represented Bell Labs to contribute to world telecom standards, and was invited by Prof. T.D. Lee to Columbia Super Computer project while working on distributed computing and AI at Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was president of CAST-USA and Senior Technology Advisor to United Nations. He received Ph.D. and MS from Columbia, CE MS from Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and CS BS from beijing jiaotong university.