Jun Wu Founding Partner, Amino Capital / Chairman, SVIEF

Dr Jun Wu, Founding Partner of Amino Capital, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ex Senior Staff Research Scientist of Google, Ex-VP of Tencent, and member of Board of Director, CITIC Press.

As a renowned expert in speech recognition, natural language processing and web search, Dr. Jun Wu started his career at Google as an engineer and then a research scientist in 2002. Shortly after he joined Google, Dr. Wu received Google Engineering Award for his achievement on anti-SPAM. He was the author of Google Chinese/Japanese/Korean search algorithms and the inventor of many Google technologies, and was highly appraised by Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin for his contribution in Google. He co-founded the department of search in Chinese, Korean and Japanese in 2003.

Dr. Wu joined Tencent Technologies as the VP in charge of the Search, Infrastructure, Map and Search Ads from 2010 – 2012. He helped the company boosted search traffic and revenue by 6 fold in two years.

Dr. Wu re-joined Google as a Principal Research Scientist to lead the effort of automatic question/answering from 2012 to 2014, and developed the first online service of automatic answering for complicated questions in the world. He left Google and co-founded Amino Capital (aka Z-park Capi-tal) in 2014 and has invested to more than 90 startup companies in the US.

Dr. Wu is a member of National Advisory Board of Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins and an advisor of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China. He is the author of five Chinese awarded books: On Top of Tides, Beauty of Mathematics, Civilizations and Enlightenments, Roads toward Universities, Secrets of Silicon Valley and Era of Intelligence. He published tens of papers on journals and conferences, and was granted tens of patents in US and international.

Dr. Wu obtained Ph.D. degree of Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, B.S.E degree of Computer Science and M.S.E degree of Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University.