Paul Holland General Partner, Foundation Capital

Paul Holland has led global sales forces that have taken the value of his start-ups from $15M to over $13B in market capitalization. He has spoken for dozens of organizations over the years, on topics such as high performance sales, the future of the Silicon Valley and tech and politics. He has worked with some of the best software CEOs in the business (Reed Hastings, Pure SW and now Netflix; and Mark Gainey, Kana and now Strava). He has extensive experience in software security from his work with MobileIron, Coverity, Skycure, Respond and others in the Foundation Capital portfolio.

Paul helps take start-up companies from zero to $100M quickly. He invests in the IT, security, consumer, and digital energy sectors; and is on the boards of Respond, Homesuite, Peerspace, SkyCure, Dreambox Learning, Kik and InsideView. Past investments include Chegg (CHGG), MobileIron (MOBL), Coverity (acquired by Synopsys), Averail (acquired by MobileIron), Conformia (acquired by Oracle), RouteScience (acquired by Avaya), Talking Blocks (acquired by Hewlett-Packard), and TuVox (acquired by West).

Paul began his career at SRI International, where–as he likes to tell his kids–he was like a “human Google,” conducting inquiries on a broad variety of topics for Global 2000 companies. He received his MBA from UC Berkeley, MA from University of Virginia, and BS from James Madison University.

Paul is a former president of the Western Association of Venture Capitalists; and is the producer of Something Ventured, a critically acclaimed documentary about the early days of the Silicon Valley. He has guest lectured on entrepreneurship at Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, MIT, The University of Virginia and James Madison University.