Vivi Lin TV Presenter/Producer/Investor

Ms. Vivi Lin is an award-winning TV personality, producer and presenter. She is the founder of new media venture VIVI Media Group, which serves to connect the world's top innovators and their products/services with China.

She is the executive producer and presenter for innovation show “Vivi in the Valley”, telling stories of the world's top innovators to China's startup and venture capital audiences. The show has aired on China's top video websites, including the front page of China's most prominent financial media Caixin Media, know as China's New York Times; Iqiyi, which is the equivalent of Chinese Netflix; Sina Weibo, Tencent, etc. The first season has received over ten million views, and rated “the Best Financial & Tech show” in the online video category.

Prior to that, she was the TV presenter and producer for Reuters TV and reporting on China's financial and stock markets for Reuters and their media clients, including China's national TV – CCTV, which included Ms. Lin's live reports in their daily segment “Biz Asia” and “CCTV America”.Highlights from Ms. Lin's earlier career include serving as a bilingual business TV presenter and producer for China's prominent liberal media – Caixin Media and HK’s ATV World. She also worked for Reuters Financial TV as one of the main presenters for China-focused shows such as “Inside China”. Ms. Lin also worked with U.S. major Chinese TV networks ICN as main producer and presenters. Ms. Lin has also hosted world-class forums and events, including the Ernst & Young Strategy Growth Forum in China, in which she moderated sessions with UK's former PM Tony Blaire; Caixin Economic Summit featuring guests including China’s Central Bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan and the then-chairman of China’s securities regulator Guo Shuqing; she also moderated panel discussions with key speakers such as former China’s banking regulator Liu Minkang, EU ambassador in China and former US trade representative. Ms. Lin also hosted big entertainment and investment events including Shanghai International Film & TV festival, China- US Internet Celebrities Summit, and Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum.

Ms. Lin's extensive journalistic experience has won her international awards. Her work for coverages on China’s 17th Party Congress, Beijing Olympics, Sichuan earthquake, Tibet riot and the global financial crisis have won her some of the most prestigious awards in international journalism, including “Reuters Best Scoop of the Year”, and “Reuters TV Best of the Month”,”Best of the week”.

Ms. Lin is currently a global MBA candidate for Manchester Business School. She holds a Master of Law degree from Graduate School of Communication University of China.