Wei Guo Founding Partner, UpHonest Capital

Wei is an active angel investor in Silicon Valley, focusing on early stage cross-sector investment opportunities. Since 2015, he has invested in 200 Silicon Valley startups, with 1 IPO (Scout, ASX:SCT), and 2 unicorns (Checkr, Boom).

Consistently cited as the top Chinese investor in Silicon Valley, Wei is frequently recognized by newspapers, magazines and online media. He is one of the rare few to be cited as a “China Whisperer” alongside with the Chairman of NEA Asia by the Washington Post, and also the first Chinese investor to be featured by The Information. In 2016, Wei was also listed as one of the Global Top 20 Best Cross-Border Early Stage Investors by ChinaVenture as well as honored as the Most Active Angel Investor by ZAngels.

Limited partners of UpHonest Capital include Banyan Capital, BAI(Bertelsmann Asia Investments), Black Hole Capital, Good Capital Group, Cheetah Mobile, New Classics Media, iResearch, Miteno, and co-founders of Tecent.