Wei Luo COO, ZGC Capital Corporation

Mr. Wei Luo serves as the COO of ZGC Capital Corporation, the overseas subsidiary of Zhongguancun Development Group. In 2013, Luo has founded Danhua Capital with Professor Zhang ShouSheng. In 2015, Luo founded ZGC Innovation Center(Sillicon Valley). Zhongguancun Development group is one of the most influential Chinese investment and service company in the high-tech field. ZGC Capital created ZGC Innovation Center (Silicon Valley), which was responsible for industry-scale investments, startup incubation, acceleration, and cross border services, etc. Wei Luo has over 15 years work experience in the various Fortune 500 companies, including Nokia, Motorola, and RIM. He has both the engineering background and the management skills, with an MBA from LTU. Since joining ZGC Capital in 2010 as it formed, Luo has managed over 30 investment deals. He is also a pioneer in international investments. Since 2013, Luo has been in charge of the overseas strategetic developments for Zhongguancun, with over ten successful cases in incubating and investment.