Xiang Qian Medical Director, International Medical Services at Stanford Health Care

Clinician of Pain Medicine
Medical Director of International Medical Services
Advisor of Stanford Medicine X Stanford Hospital

Dr Xiang Qian is a clinician in Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford University. He is specialized in treating various pain conditions utilizing the combination of medicine, interventional procedure, physical therapy, and others. He is the director of Stanford Oral Facial Pain Program and leads the only CT-guided interventional program in west coast of the US.

Dr Qian is the Medical Director of International Medical Services at Stanford University. He helps oversee the provision of clinical care, medical chart review, and remote second opinion of Stanford international patients, along with colleagues at IMS. He helps review and optimizes telemedicine consult and international patient referral protocols, policies, and procedures. In addition, He has been working in collaboration with the faculty and hospital administrations to promote international collaborations aligned with Stanford Medicine vision.

Dr Qian is the Founder and the President of the Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs, SCAPE, one of the largest non-profit organizations of American physicians with Chinese heritage. SCAPE is a unique platform based in the United States for Chinese American Physicians to exchange ideas and to network. Members are from 50 states of the US, across over 30 different subspecialties, in both private practice and prestigious academic medical centers.

Dr. Qian supervises Pier 88 Health, Inc. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Pier 88 Health was founded by a group of Chinese American physicians, hospital management experts, and health IT professionals, with its missions to provide Chinese hospitals and doctors world-class education & training opportunities from the US, and to offer Chinese patients easy & affordable access to trustworthy & quality healthcare in the United States.