It is building the leading global entrepreneurship ecosystem by providing Incubation, Acceleration, Venture Funding, and Strategic Consulting to companies all over the world.

By integrating a wide range of global resources, the TechCode Accelerator program supports startups with the intellectual capital they need to commercialize their technologies. TechCode launched its first AI+ Accelerator at its Silicon Valley office in June 2016. The next AI+ Accelerator will be global, open to fifty startups from all over the world.

The TechCode Incubator provides startups with the space and access to the human capital that they need to build and sell their products

The Venture Funds of TechCode connect startups with the financial capital that they need to scale up.

TechCode provides Strategy Consultants to later-stage startups and big companies with actionable insights to make better decisions about cross-border innovation, market entry strategy, supply-chain partnership, and open innovation initiatives.

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Air China is proud to be China’s national flag carrier since 1988. We operate one of world’s youngest aircraft fleets averaging just 6.2 years. With a red phoenix representing our logo, we strive to lead and provide passengers with Credibility, Convenience, Comfort, and Choice. The year 2017 marks our special 20th anniversary as a member of Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline network that connects 195 countries and 1,330 airports worldwide.

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iFLYTEK CO., LTD. is the leader in China’s speech technology and artificial intelligence industry. Founded in 1999, iFLYTEK represents the highest level in speech and artificial intelligence core technologies like speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech evaluation, language translations, voice-print recognition, face recognition, and natural language processing, etc, dominating over 70% of the Chinese speech technology market. iFLYTEK also launched the world’s first A.I. Open Platform, offering mobile Internet interactive speech technologies. In April 2017, the Open Platform experienced over 3.5 billion daily online interactions, 300 thousand third-party collaborators, and over 1 billion end-users, an indicator of the continuous growth of the artificial intelligence industrial ecosystem centered around iFLYTEK.

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SINGULATO is one of the Chinese Leading Intelligent Electric Vehicle Brand. The company is founded at 2014 by Shen Haiyin, with talents from automotive, internet and intelligent hardware and software.

The vison of SINGULATO is “Make Every Drive A Wonderful Memory.” Through the use of electric, intelligent, SINGULATO is going to create new value of intelligent EV to provide users with more environmentally friendly, smooth, safe traffic.

  • SINGULATO was invested by Intel, Netposa, Alpha, etc.…
  • SINGULATO released the first intelligent concept car at March, 2016
  • SINGULATO announced the 200K units production capacity plant building plan in Tongling at November, 2016
  • SINGULATO released the prototype car iS6 for mass production in April 2017, and Attended the 17th Shanghai Automobile Exhibition.
  • SINGULATO plans launch the mass production of IS6 in 2018.


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China(Nanjing) Software Valley

China (Nanjing) software Valley, the software industry base with its total value of more than 100 billion yuan is located in Nanjing, a historical and cultural city. It is also the core region of Nanjing, a will-be world famous software city. Here you can find the picturesque scenery and strong cultures.The valley, with a planning area of 73 square kilometers. Here more than 1800 software enterprises have an area of 6.5 million square meters in software industry .More than 200,000 people work here. In 2016, software and information service industry income reached 190 billion yuan. The software products and solutions have been used in more than 200 countries and regions, providing the service for 1/3 global population.


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WuXi AppTec

WuXi AppTec Group is a leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device capability and technology platform company with 16,000 employees globally, including more than 13,000 dedicated scientists. Through its 27 R&D sites worldwide, and a total of 6.0 million square feet of office, laboratory and manufacturing space, WuXi Group provides comprehensive platform capabilities in small molecule R&D and manufacturing, biologics R&D and manufacturing, cell and gene therapy R&D and manufacturing, medical device testing, and molecular testing and genomics. Today, WuXi platform is enabling more than 3,000 innovative collaborators from more than 30 countries to bring innovative healthcare products to patients. Our vision is to become the most comprehensive capability and technology platform to fulfill WuXi’s dream that “every drug can be made and every disease can be treated.” WuXi has received many distinguished recognitions, including the “Company of the Year Award”(2016), “Asian CRO Company of the Year” Award (2015), the “North American Open-Access R&D Technology Leadership” Award (2015), “Best Company in an Emerging Market” (2014). In 2016, 16 from the 22 US FDA approved drugs are from WuXi's collaborators; in 2015, 33 from the 45 US FDA approved drugs are from WuXi's collaborators.



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