Bin Zhou

NovuMind Corp. China CEO, NVIDIA CUDA Fellow, NVIDIA DLI Instructor.
Former deep learning scientist and GPU R&D director of Sensetime, Adjunct Research Professor of University of Science & Technology China, Senior Engineer of NVIDIA Devtech.

Mr. Zhou Bin involved and presented as a professor of Shandong University and a special professor of artificial intelligence at Beihang University. Otherwise, He served as a visiting researcher at University of Science & Technology China. He has been leading the NovuMind at the fields of integration of large data, deep learning, high performance computing and heterogeneous computing, made intelligent applications, extend from the cloud to the terminal with the Intelligent Internet of Things. On the other hand, he obtained his bachelor's degree, master's degree and Phd. Degree in Tsinghua University and acquired master’s degree of computer science in GMU University, United States. At pass accomplishments, Mr. Zhou Bin took high speed signal and image processing, covered the acquisition of sensors (vision, infrared, radar, laser, etc.) as the main research direction. In deep learning fields, the architecture of high performance deep learning processing system for heterogeneous systems (including GPU, FPGA, CPU, etc.), classification, recognition and tracking based on depth learning are his the research of target detection, published More than 20 papers, 2 international patents, 7 domestic patents, 3 soft articles and 10 projects, which includes the National Marine Bureau marine public welfare industry research project, that is the first sea exploration project combined with high resolution hyperspectral systems and laser radar systems, and efficient complex heterocyclic based on GPU. He also got China government’s key projects supported of equipment department's advance research fund at The research of environmental simulation method. Above all achievements, made that he got industry investment and application; the only NVIDIA CUDA Fellow and NVIDIA DLI in the world. Certification lecturer, IVA/CV tutor.