Li Changlin

Partner of InnoAngel Space, General manager of operations of Tencent Mass Entrepreneurship Space (Beijing) and Tencent Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Community (Chongqing), Early investor, “innovation & entrepreneurship” service provider, International Certified Management Consultant (ICMC, 2006)

Majored in finance and business administration. Once a university teacher, he served as middle and senior managers in large-sized real estate enterprises for years and is experienced in the industry and management; he founded Pusher Consulting Co., Ltd., which serves nearly a hundred central and public enterprises and is awarded one of the “top 50 management & consulting companies in China” consecutively.

He started to study and practice Angel investment since 2014. He joined InnoAngel Space in 2016 and started to prepare to build and operate Tencent Mass Entrepreneurship Space (Beijing), the first entrepreneurship complex in China which covers a total area of 55,000 m2 and becomes a flagship project as a new mass entrepreneurship and innovation service platform. Since 2018, he started to prepare to build Tencent Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Community (Chongqing), an updated entrepreneurship complex (version 2.0) which covers a total area of over 150,000 m2.

InnoAngel Space aims to “know the future and create the system to discover the future”, fully integrate the ecological venture capital resources of “investment + service”, takes the entrepreneurship complex as the platform, mobilize millions of entrepreneurs and innovators, drive the growth of regional innovation and entrepreneurship, and upgrade regional economy.