Luohong Zhou

Famous Angel Investor, Founding Partner and Director of the University Venture Capital Committee of Angel 100 Foundation

Selected Titles:Top 10 Angel Investors chosen by university student entrepreneurs in 2017, Top 10 Chinese Investors in China, Expert Committee member of College Students “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Guest supervisor of the MBA Program, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Science

Work Experience

Industry Director (Mining and Chemical Engineering Industry), SAP

Deputy Manager (Natural Resource and Chemical Engineering), Accenture Greater China

General Manager of Business Support, IBM GMU Industrial Products

Director of New Industries, IBM Greater China

Providing management consulting services, such as corporate strategy, group control organization design, process optimization, IT strategic planning, wisdom park planning, Industry 4.0 design, as well as management software consulting / implementation service, such as ERP, cloud computing, big data, IoT etc.