Ray Tan

VP & CTO of GE China Digital; General Manager of GE Shanghai Digital Foundry

Mr. Ray Tan is General Manager of GE Shanghai Digital Foundry and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of GE China Digital. He leads GE Shanghai Digital Foundry team to transform GE to a digital industrial company with software and services at the core. He actively promotes the implementation of GE’s world-leading Predix cloud platform in China; establishes an eco-system with customers, universities, cooperation partners, and developers for innovation and startups as common contributors; and helps the Chinese government and enterprises to make the most of technologies that are of cloud computing, big data, IoT(Internet of Things) and the Internet, which are all featured by their openness, in a bid to boost business agility and enhance market competitiveness. Mr. Ray Tan was Vice President & CTO of Cloud, Lab Director of Cloud Development Center in China Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, leading the Cloud Computing Group’s Chief Cloud Computing Technological Expert Team, Technical Sales Department, Solutions Marketing Department, and Cloud Computing Development Center. He was responsible for developing an in-depth understanding of market changes and business challenges facing the Chinese government and corporate customers, and creating value for the Chinese customers by capitalizing on the power of HP’s global network and its partners.