Founder and CEO of SPRIGHT
Founding Partner of Fenghou Capital
Vice President of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association
Vice President of Shenzhen science and Technology Entrepreneurship Promotion Association
The promoter and executive vice president of the Future Entrepreneur Club
Top Ten New Investors of China in 2015, Top Ten Investors of China in 2016, and Top Investors of China in 2017
The founder and the chairman of the organizing committee in "China Venture Capital Investment"

He is the creator of the 5.15 million live broadcast records of the venture capital community in China. His speeches often express deep thoughts in a humorous style, and are highly sought after by the venture capital community and are aptly called “Brother Bin” by the industry.

Adhering to many years of entrepreneurial and investment experience, it also has unique insights and professional experience in business model construction, corporate strategic planning, and brand operation. He is also one of the rarest people in China with the most comprehensive capabilities in terms of “entrepreneurship, investment, production, finance, research, education, society, and community”.

His investment more than 200 startups include: Uncle Kai’ storytelling, Xiao Gui Dang Jia & Mei Shi Mei Ke, Girlup, Singulato Vehicle, Xiaoyu WIFI, Interactive work, On the road, Adaptive Security Platform, Fei Xiong video, EQxiu, Inke, BearRead, Crazy Teacher, 23mofang, Inn Jia, Easyflower, Analysys, Qeeniao, Coffee08, Yolipai, IPO3, Doohan, Fu Niu Tang, TAIDU, Sanhao, 1919, and micro-language.