Weiping Liu

General Manager, Infotech National Emerging Fund

Liu Weiping is the general manager of the Infotech National Emerging Fund and is responsible for the selection, evaluation, negotiation, and investment management of national industrial R&D funds for pilot venture investment projects, including 16 leading investment projects, of which Beilu Pharmaceuticals (300016) and Guangxi Bossco Envirn (300422) are listed on the GEM, and 5 companies are listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ). He is also responsible for the investment establishment and post-administration of the venture capital plan of the country's strategic emerging industries. He has invested and managed 105 equity funds with a total size of 30 billion yuan in 15 provinces and cities including Beijing and Shenzhen. Liu has 35 years of corporate management, 10 years of venture capital investment, and 8 years of national government guidance fund management experience.