Yu Hu


Hu Yu, male, graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with a Doctorate of Engineering degree in Signal and Information Processing, currently a professor and senior engineer; State Council special allowance expert; China Outstanding Youth Science and Technology Talent Award winner; part of the State Experts Project – young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions; executive director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Speech and Speech Processing; adjunct professor and doctoral supervisor at the University of Science and Technology of China; chief specialist of the 863 Humanoid Intelligence Key Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology; executive director of the Chinese Information Society; and vice chairman of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence.

In 1999, Hu Yu cofounded iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. He currently holds the positions of CEO, president of the consumer goods business group, and president of the core technology research and development platform of iFLYTEK.

In terms of scientific research developments, Hu Yu takes the lead in the prospective project of iFLYTEK Hyper Brain. The team he leads has achieved fruitful research results in the Hyper Brain project, making iFLYTEK a world-leading enterprise in artificial intelligence technology; Hu Yu was also awarded the National Information Industry Major Technology Inventions Award twice, and was the first runner up in the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice, as well as several Anhui provincial, Hefei municipal, and ministerial Science and Technology Awards. He has published over 60 scientific articles in national and international journals and at international conferences.

In terms of industrial developments, Hu Yu and his team has made innovative achievements in the industrialization of core technologies, building a hybrid orthogonal business ecosystem based on artificial intelligence, involving businesses like smart household, commercialization of voice technology, A.I. open platform, advertising platform, etc., launching products like the iFLYTEK Input app, Lingxi Voice Assistant, iFlyRec, etc. The iFLYTEK A.I. open platform currently sees over 1 billion end-users, over 300 thousand third-party app developers, and over 3.5 billion daily interactions, establishing a commercial ecosystem based on iFLYTEK’s voice technology and artificial intelligence.

List of awards Hu Yu has received: Nomination award of China Outstanding Youths in Software Industry The sixth batch of Hefei Top-Notch Professional Technical Experts Outstanding award of the 8th Anhui Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award The 13th Anhui Youth Science and Technology Award State Council Special Allowance Certificate Hefei Science and Technology Outstanding Contributions Award Anhui Strategic Emerging Industry Technical Leading Talent The fifth batch of Anhui Academic and Technical Leaders State Experts Project – young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions