Zukang Sha

Former under-secretary-general of the u.n. economic and social affairs, Honorary chairman of international green economy association;

Mr. Sha Zukang had served on diverse significant diplomatic positions, such as China's ambassador to the United Nations delegation counselor;Deputy director general of the ministry of foreign affairs ;China's ambassador to Geneva of the conference on disarmament; director-general of the department of arms control of the ministry of foreign affairs; China's representative of The United Nations office and China's ambassador to Switzerland. He had been the vice foreign ministerial ambassador since 2001 and was appointed the United Nations deputy secretary-general at February 2007, dealing with Economic and Social Affairs. In his 38 years of diplomatic service, Mr. Sha Zukang's portfolios have covered a wide range of fields including Politics, Security, Economic, Social affairs, Human rights and humanitarian affairs, etc. As the representative of the Chinese government, Mr. Sha participated in the negotiation and review of many important international treaties on arms control and disarmament, such as the nuclear non-proliferation treaty; the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty; the non-chemical weapons convention and the convention on certain conventional weapons. He also took part in the drafting of some major resolutions in arms control and international security adopted by the General Assembly and the Security Council of the United Nations. He actively advocates the international security cooperation for general peace and regional stability with a Global horizon and strategic vision. Moreover, he has promoted bilateral arms control cooperation between China and other countries especially that of Russian and the United states. From 2010 to 2012, Mr. Sha Zukang held the post of secretary general of the sustainable development of the United Nations summit and leadered the "Rio + 20" summit in June, 2012. The summit focused on green economy under the framework of poverty reduction and sustainable development. 193 countries signed the "The Future We Want" outcome document, which is significant to accelerate the process of the development of the international green economy. In January 2014, Mr. Sha was elected as Honorary Chairman of International Green Economy Association by the IGEA Member Congress, guiding the development of Chinese green economy.